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Google December 2021 Product Review Update is now being released.

Google Now Rolling out A new search algorithm update called the December 2021 Product Review Update. This is the second time that Google has rolled out a product review update this year. Roll out in the first one April 2021.

A spokesman told Search Engine Land in April that the update was “designed to reward better” product reviews that share in-depth research rather than “thin content.” Written in a way that includes “insightful analysis and original research”, especially “content written by experts or enthusiasts who know the subject well,” Google said.

What is changing Google said that if you make changes between now and the last update, you can see an improvement in your ranking since the last update. Google wrote, “If you’ve made positive changes to your content, you can reflect that improvement as part of this latest release.”

Google also said that the search company “has received additional feedback from users about what kind of review content is considered reliable and useful, which prompts us to provide additional product review guidance.” We’ve been told they rely on reviews that the product is actually being tested, and they prefer more options to buy the product. ”

More advice. Google has provided two new best practices around this update, one is to provide more multimedia around your product reviews and the other is to provide links to multiple sellers, not just one. ۔ Google posted these two items:

  • To support your expertise and strengthen the validity of your review, provide other links to your experience with evidence such as visual, audio, or product.
  • Include links from multiple sellers to give readers the option to buy from the merchant of their choice.

Rolling out now. Google said the update is now launching for English language pages. It will take about three weeks to complete.

Google Product Review Update The Google Product Review update aims to promote review content that is above and beyond the template information you see on the web. Google has said it will promote reviews of this type of product in its search results rankings.

Google is not directly penalizing low quality product reviews that contain “thin content that only summarizes a group of products.” However, if you provide such content and your ranking is degraded because other content is promoted above you, it will definitely feel like a penalty. Technically, according to Google, this is not a penalty against your content, Google is only rewarding sites that are ranked above you with more insightful review content.

Technically, this update should only affect product review content and not other types of content.

Previous advice on product review updates. Google said in the update that “the overall focus is on providing users with content that provides insightful analysis and original research, written by experts or enthusiasts who know the subject well.” Yes, “Google said of the update. This is advice similar to the basic update recommendations mentioned above, but here is a list of “additional useful questions to consider in terms of product reviews”. Google recommends that your product reviews cover these areas and answer these questions. Review your product

  • Express product knowledge where appropriate?
  • Show how the product is physically, or how it is used, with unique materials provided by the manufacturer.
  • Provide quantitative measurement of how the product is measured in different performance categories.
  • Explain what sets the product apart from its competitors?
  • Cover comparative products to consider, or specify which products might be best for specific uses or situations?
  • Discuss the pros and cons of a particular product based on this research?
  • Describe how the product has improved over previous models or releases, resolved issues, or otherwise helped consumers make purchasing decisions?
  • Identify key decision-making factors for the product category and how the product performs in these areas. For example, a car review may determine that fuel economy, safety, and handling are key decision-making factors and performance rates in these areas.
  • Explain the key choices, how the product is designed and its impact on consumers is beyond the manufacturer’s reach.

Google also named its blog post earlier this year. Providing better product information to buyers.

Why do we care If your website offers product review content, you’ll want to check your rankings to see if you’re impressed. Has your Google Organic Traffic improved, decreased, or remained the same?

In the long run, you want to make sure that as you go along, you put a lot of effort into the content of your product review so that it is unique and out of the competition on the web.

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Previous basic updates. The most recent was the previous cover update. November 2021 Basic Update Which rolled out Hard and fast, Then Basic update for July 2021 which was Hurry to roll out (Of this kind) after that June 2021 cover update And that was the update Slow to roll out but a big one. Then we had December 2020 cover update And the December update Was too bigGreater than May 2020 cover update, And that was the update. Big and wide And took one A few weeks to roll out completely. Was before Basic update for January 2020, We had some analysis on this update. over here. The one before that. Basic update for September 2019. That update Felt weak For many SEOs and webmasters, as many have said, it has not had the same effect as previous major updates. Google also released one. Updated in NovemberBut it was specific to local rankings. You can read more about the past. Google updates here..

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