Google confirms that it has changed the way it creates titles in search results lists.

Google has confirmed that the search engine has changed how it generates search result listing titles. Google Said “Last week, we introduced a new system for creating titles for web pages.”

What change Previously, Google often used the query entered in the search box by the searcher when titling the pieces of the search results. But now, Google has said that “generally” Google will not use query when creating these titles. Instead, Google has a new system for generating these titles, which the company says “Explain what they’re talking about, regardless of the specific question.”

Google said it is now using text that can be viewed visually when accessed on a website. Specifically, Google is now considering “the main visual title or caption shown on a page.” This is content that site owners often put inside. <H1> Tags, within other header tags, or which are larger and more prominent with the use of style treatment, Google explained.

Title tags are still primary. Google said that for 80% of the results, HTML title tags are still the basic method by which it generates titles. Google wrote that “HTML title tags are still the most commonly used, over 80% of the time.”

Why change? Google said the update is designed to create more readable and accessible titles for pages. In some cases, we may add site names where it is considered helpful. In other cases, when faced with a very long title, we can choose the most relevant part instead of starting from scratch and trimming the more useful parts.

Industry coverage. So far, this has been included in our newsletter once or twice, both. Brody Clark. And Lily Ray Covered in great detail. I covered my personal blog when it happened, which was ongoing. August 17, And how it is unrelated Classification by pass

Google is syncing. Google wrote that the search company was “improving” the new title system “based on feedback” and that Google had promised to “continue to work on improving it over time.” Google has listened to opinions and is collecting examples when these titles do not make sense. In fact, Danny Sullivan even said that it could lead to it. More control Better handling of your title in Google search results for us inside Google Search Console.

Why do we care If you have noticed changes in your clickthrough rate from Google search results, it may be related to these changes. Hopefully these changes will be positive, Google said the changes should be positive, the company wrote, “Our testing shows that the change we have introduced produces headlines that are more than our old system. Are readable and favorite. ” Although, we’ve seen some ridiculous and weird examples of topics over the last week or so.

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