Google can bring one of the best features of the iPhone to Android

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Google can bring one of the best features of the iPhone to Android

The gap between the iPhone and Android devices has been closing for years, but there is one area where the iPhone has beaten Android.

Apple has supported the iPhone for years. Get iOS 15, later this year. This update will run on hardware that goes back to the whole of 2015.

It is impressive.

But it looks like Google may have a similar plan for its new Pixel 6.

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For me, the most interesting bit of the June processor Pixel 6 was not a 50MP camera, 12GB RAM, or 5000mAh battery, but a 5 year software update.

Well, five years.

“I am told that Google is committed to updating the software for both devices for at least 5 years. [Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro]”This is great news if you want to get your hands on these phones,” writes the processor. “

In my mind, Google’s Pixel Line is always the best choice when it comes to longevity and the best Android experience.

I hope this will be beneficial because the time to cooperate in the long run is good for everyone, and especially good when it comes to reducing e-waste.

Another interesting thing about this report is that Google may leave the XL branding in favor of the Pro – and something else that will make iPhone owners feel familiar.

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