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God, Frog, ‘Lost’ Smoke Monster, and Filler – Review Geek

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Welcome back to our weekly review لوکی, It shows that regret can not manage the maximum in the way of consistency. After the surprising discovery of several different loci, we waited for an event that would speed it up. And unfortunately, we found the exact opposite – a filler event.

Warning: This is a review of an ongoing TV series and it will go awry.

At the last minute لوکی


In Episode 4, everything changed. During the event, we learned that magical space lizards do not rule TVA, the harvesters do not kill them, and we also saw confirmation that every agent in TVA is really different.

But it all ended “tragically” when the fake space lizards were beheaded, revealing that they were just puppets, and both Loki and Morbius were cut off. Demanding to tell the truth, Selvi grabbed Rensley, and Loki ran out; somewhere? More people surrounded on all sides. This little later credit scene gave a blockbuster fifth place a lot of hope.

Lucas, smoking, and lying

There are four pumpkins in the deserted world

And if you were hoping that we would start with all the gourds on earth, I’m disappointed. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me. It’s hard to say what’s going on with Rensler. She claims that she does not know who is behind the TVA, but that is enough for the whole incident.

She tricks Salvi into believing that she will help, but the reality is that Salvi is recaptured. It is an unshakable moment when Sullivan has to rely on an enemy and face lies. You can stop Loki from dispersing in front of his eyes with the shock and the promise that he can still live, but I call the plot facility.

The most interesting thing about TVA is Miss Minute. Miss Mint is an artificial intelligence that appears here and there throughout the series and in it we learn that she can lie. When it became clear that Sylvie didn’t see any other use for Renslayer and would kill him, a fake story about an invalid spacecraft surfaced in Miss Minute. She is really waiting for the time while more agents are ready to ambush Sylvie. Later, when Renslayer asks Miss Mint to look for information to reveal the real person behind the TV, Miss Mint responds in a way that seems suspicious.

Salvi investigated and sent him to Loki, where we spent most of our installment. Running from a huge smoky monster lost, But this time with a face. The smoke monster, Elliott, eats everything in sight. And we get plenty of Easter eggs to watch.

Easter egg filler

Lots of people standing over the manhole.

This is my main beef with this installment. It’s time to load the Easter eggs, mostly because it needs a ton. Hey, look, a Thanos helicopter! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Oh, look, Frog Thor! Why is Thor a frog? Who knows That vengeful building? This is Kang’s building, just like Kang’s victory. Don’t miss the yellow jacket helmet, the living tribunal, or any other dozen Easter eggs.

And I love Easter eggs as much as any other Marvel fan. But it’s really filler, as is the very event itself. Pumpkins, Classic Pumpkins, Kid Pumpkins, Alligator Pumpkins (yes, indeed !!), and arrogant Pumpkins run away from the monster of smoke. They hide underground and change stories. Some stories are useless, such as the Boostful Pumpkin, which is full of lies. Or the alligator pumpkin nexus event he- he ate the wrong neighbor’s cat.

At the same time, I wish we had heard more of Kid Loki’s story. Look, he is the king of the world right now. Why? I’m not sure, but you’d better respect that. His nexus happened when he killed Thor. Please tell me more! But we are not getting that story.

The story of the classic pumpkin is fascinating. Richard E. Grant provided a Tour de Force at the event and somehow “undressed the old man.” This gourd lived the kind of life we ​​know the real gourd, until the very moment when Thanos killed our gourd. But this Loki made a fake map of this understanding that could be so convincing. Even Thanos fell for it. While Thanos “killed” this illusion, the classic gourd hid like debris, then retreated into the distant world. He decided that it would hurt him wherever he went, so he hid in a distant world for a long time.

Eventually, he became lonely and decided to find his brother. The moment he started to leave, the TVA showed him and sifted through. Pumpkin should die, and by hiding it, it did not cause the branch. That’s until he decided to show how he escaped death: he caught the TVA’s intention. As the classic Loki says, “We have one role to play – the God of Outcasts.”

With us, President Loki, the fight between the Tin Loki, and Mobius (who is alive!) Rescued Salvi from Elliott and got some sharp scenes. Loki persuades others to fight each other to find whoever is behind the TVA, just to realize that this is a terrible idea. But that’s right, Salvi has almost the same plan but better – she’ll depend on it.

We have a plan and more filler

An alligator pumpkin

Yes, you read that right. Sylvie and Mobius found Loki’s idea terrifying. She says with confidence that she can deviate from Elliott, and when she arrives for the first time, she almost almost succeeds. Also, he has a teampad for Mobius so he can take his fight back to TVA. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

And after confidently announcing the plan, after the submission of troops, they proceeded to do nothing. It’s very confusing. Imagine a movie where the general makes a big speech just before the war, and then he stops for lunch. That’s basically what happens here.

Sylvie and Loki sit in the grass and talk about how they don’t love each other (yes, they do), while Mobius and other Lucas look at each other from afar. It’s not like they’re working on the details of the project or needing time to collect supplies. This is just a chat. And what really bothers me? Salvi and Loki both complain that they have a cold and are slipping under the tablecloth, sorry blankets. They choke and come closer, claiming that it is not because they are in love but because they are cold.

Loki and Salvi are cold giants. They do not catch a cold. I don’t know who they’re trying to fool, it’s not the audience, and they’re not each other. They are each other and know they can’t get cold. And the conversation doesn’t go anywhere. This is just a filler.

Point at the end

Classic pumpkin in yellow and green dress

As we approach the end of the event, where very little has happened, we finally get to the point. The fight with Elliott is expected to lead Loki and Sylvie to the real mastermind behind the TVA. Why only pumpkin and salvi? Well, Mobius is going back to TVA to burn it to the ground (pretty much). And other giants are too smart to fight the monster of a huge smoke of death that literally eats a boat full of people in just a few seconds.

For some reason, they are not abandoning falsehood. When “home” is the place where you have to hide or die, “home” is a very weak excuse. Just run away with Mobius. Although, that’s fine too, because Sylvie’s prediction is wrong, and Elliott’s right away. He has tried to kill her.

Thanks to Nikki, the classic Loki lags behind because we get to see Richard E. Grant really shine. The classic gourd creates an amazingly realistic illusion of Asgard, yes, all Asgard. Even Loki and Salvi are affected, and they should be. Behind the scenes, we know Grant standing in a green room whose direction, like “Your casting is like magic!” But you know what? It sounds great He pulls it. You can see the life-giving stress of Asgard, and feel its magic fast. That’s enough to remove Elliott, while Sylvie gave Loki a charming lesson. The two manage to capture the eleventh, but before the smoking monster can kill the classic gourd. Dang.

And at the last minute, Elliott opened up to reveal a castle. What palace? Guess why Miracle has so many castles. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. But both are unlikely. Since Dr. Dom is a fantastic four-villain, he hasn’t stepped foot in the MCU yet. And the reason for that لوکیThe director has already confirmed that there is no big bad Kang.

Breath: I doubt it was Loki as well. Not the pumpkin that we followed after the first episode. But some different gourds. I hope I’m wrong because it wants to reveal boring. We’ll find out next week. Probably.

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