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Top 10 games to bet on


It’s 1 p.m., Texas at 3, 44

Honey Hank: It may be hard to believe, But the Jets are the better team and Texans are favored first all year long. Even with Tyrod Taylor back in QB, the Texans still faced an offensive challenge, reporting less than 200 yards of total attack in their upset last week. As poor as the Jets’ defense is, he should at least keep it. After watching other backswings play in front of him, Zach Wilson must have been excited enough to take advantage of a slight secondary opportunity in his chance to prove himself. Houston is stuck between division matches here with the Colts on deck, making it a tough spot for the home favorite.

If you are a betting man: Planes And under.

Eagles in the Giants

1 m, Eagles 3, 46 ½

Honey Hank: The Giants continue to bask in their mediocre level while the Eagles, now that Nick Siriani has confirmed their running game, are playing their best football of the year. Big Blue’s offensive problems won’t be fixed in one week with Jason Jarrett’s canning; Philly still had a huge advantage where that was important – in the trenches. And Freddy’s Kitchens summon plays? Remember Brown’s crime? It’s going to take a huge effort from the Defense Giants to keep this close and we’ve all seen how much they miss Logan Ryan. I’m not crazy about the hook but we’ll go with the only team from these teams that still has hopes of a playoff.

If you are a betting man: Eagles and under.


1 pm, Bucs by 2, 52

Honey Hank: The entire Colts offense revolves around handing the ball over to Jonathan Taylor, who did a great job at Buffalo last week. But this is a very good running defense that will restore the best running seal in the Vita Vea. This boils down to this game in front of Carson Wentz vs. Tom Brady and in this case, no case can be made for the ponies. We’ll admit that Tampa Bay has been a terrible road team this season with a 0-5 ATS record but that has to stop somewhere. With a spread under a field target, this spot is right here.

If you are a betting man: Box and more.

Browns at Ravens

8:20 p.m., crows at 4, 45

Honey Hank: While we’re concerned about introducing more FG in a massive split game, we’re fading with Brown. Highly promoted before the season even started, they’re falling back into their historically dysfunctional ways and under-achievement once again. Baker Mayfield is upset and frustrated, not a good combination against the rush of passes that could conquer him. Cleveland’s offensive has failed to exceed 17 points in five of its last six games, the exception being against the Bengals in a win that helped them massively in turnovers. Lamar Jackson is expected to return, although his health remains an issue. With question marks surrounding both QBs, we’re heavy on the bottom.

If you are a betting man: Crows and under.

Ramez in Packers

4:25 p.m., Packers B 1, 47

honey hank: Sean McVay’s 4-1 ATS post-farewell record should be respected, but this isn’t an ideal place to bounce back against the Packers at tepid Lambeau. The Green Bay defense only allowed 11 points per game at home and this Rams attack has problems. Their running game has recently failed, and because their O-line is vulnerable to pressing in the middle, the Packers can go after their old friend Matthew Stafford (3-7 straight as Lion at Green Bay). After opening the season with impressive wins against the Colts and Bucs, the Rams are edging out 0-3 SU and ATS against teams .500 and better. Aaron Rodgers may be curvy but we’re looking for him to nail it on this, he doesn’t need many points for the W.

If you are a betting man: Packers and under.

Falcons at Jaguars

1 pm, Falcons 1, 46

honey hankTrevor Lawrence has not thrown a touchdown pass in three games. In what is usually a brand of bad teams, the Jaguars are back to killing themselves with penalties, mistakes, and general stupidity. Matt Ryan is getting battered behind this offensive line and the Jaguar defense should be able to get a boost but he has more guns at his disposal with Kyle Bates and the return of Cordarelli Patterson. The Hawks were horrible against the Butts and Cowboys, two of the NFL’s top teams, but they did very well against the NFL’s bottom feeders with covers against the Jets, Giants, and Dolphins. Under shout here.

If you are a betting man: Hawks and under.

Titans in the Patriots

1 p.m., Patriots at 5 degrees, 44 degrees

Honey Hank: As impressive as the Patriots were, we’re hesitant to put all those points against a team that remains one of the best in the AFC. Get rid of Tennessee’s loss to Texas last week. This has been a bad place for them after they came after so many great wins and an uncharacteristically poor match by Ryan Tanehill. Mike Frabel has defeated his old boss in both of their meetings, both times as an underdog, and his team will be ready. The Patriots scored only four offensive TDs in their last three wins, while the Titans’ defense, led by four undeserved forwards, kept four of their last nine enemies to 22 points or less. Butts will win but it will be squeaky.

If you are a betting man: Titans and under.


Monday at 8:15 p.m. in Washington at 1:46 p.m.

Honey Hank: At the moment, Taylor Heinick is outpacing Russell Wilson, who hasn’t looked the same since coming back from his injured finger. He’ll have to get back to his old form if the Seahawks have a chance because Seattle can’t run the ball and their defense can’t be trusted. Despite Chase Young losing, Burgundy and Gold’s defense come out of his two best showings of the year. Meanwhile, Heinicke is lucky enough to have an elite if not to be sung in Terry McLaurin’s WR. After letting Colt McCoy fire it for 328 yards without DeAndre Hopkins, the secondary Seahawks had no answer against the WFT group.

If you are a betting man: Washington and the like.


4:05 p.m., charges 2, 47

Honey Hank: Justin Herbert, who was finally released by game plan, broke out against the Steelers and that should continue here against a 27th-ranked defense in the third bottom stops. The Charger gives up a lot of yards on the ground and Denver has two good backs but Herbert’s success could force the Broncos to fly. The Broncos are coming off their goodbyes but that hasn’t necessarily been a positive this year with those 7-13 ATS teams. I’ve had problems winning at home this season while the Chargers 5-0 ATS are in the division this season. With the number under a field goal, we’d go with the better team.

If you are a betting man: Chargers and more.


1 p.m., Panthers at 1, 42 ½

Honey Hank: Cam Newton’s story was the good week’s story, but he was hardly OK with Washington no matter what. He never attempted to throw the ball into the court (189 yards total), and thus, was unable to move the team after falling behind. Miami’s defense played better during the team’s three-game winning streak, and shouldn’t have too much trouble against a one-man team, even if that man is Christian McCaffrey. In the meantime, Tua Tagoviloa is giving its best. The Panthers have good defensive stats but a lot of that is built against weak attacks. With the Dolphins on a three-game winning streak and playing closer to pre-season expectations, they are an attractive underdog at home in a game that is sure to have a low target.

If you are a betting man: dolphins And under.


Look but don’t touch

Vikings at 49ERS

4:25 p.m., Niners at 3, 48 ½

Honey Hank: Both teams have momentum as they try to piece together the addon batches after slow starts, so it really is a click of the metal. The situation is in favor of the Niners, who are getting healthier, against a team that travels to the West Coast in exchange for an emotional victory over their biggest opponent. But, if the Vikings are able to run against a defense that has had a hard time stopping it (4.5 ypc), Kirk Cousins ​​will feed on play as Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen find themselves separated. The Vikings are 5-0 ATS as underdogs and the Niners are 0-4 ATS as domestic competitors. We are already looking for a lot of points, which makes the strongest bet.

Can’t help yourself?: Vikings and more.


Best places


It’s 1 pm, Bengals at 3, 45

If you are a betting man: Steelers and more.


Best bet of the week: Washington. Greetings to Heinickes.

last week: 7-8

Inclusive: 81-82-2

Above under: 87-78

Best bets: 7-4

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