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Glasser Images attorney speaks with VNL

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) — Update: Just before 6 p.m. Friday, an apology from Jack Glasser was released, along with contact information for his new attorney Tim O’Keeffe of Fargo.

O’Keefe tells us that Jack Glaser reached out to him this afternoon, and now O’Keefe is trying to wrap his head around this.

When asked if clients and subcontracted photographers will get a refund, he said they are trying to do everything they can to “make this right.”

He said the reason he took the job was because he believed in helping small businesses that were in trouble.

Here is a statement from Jack Glaser:

“We have been in business for 16 years and until the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, we were successful and growing, but then things changed drastically for the worse,” Glaser said. “We pivoted and made changes, but simply could not keep up with our ongoing costs, debt repayments, salaries, rent, and other business expenses. These factors caused irreparable damage to the business and forced us to make that decision quickly. Closing our doors hurts so much.”


Photographers, brides and grooms are talking tonight after a photography studio in Bismarck drops a bomb that they are closing their doors.

On October 7, hundreds of people received an email from the founder of Glasser Images, Jack Glaser, saying his company would be closing and no refunds would be issued, leaving couples without a wedding photographer and down thousands of dollars.

It didn’t take long for the VNL whistleblower hotline to be inundated with phone calls and emails from dozens of couples and subcontracted Glaser photographers asking for our help.

“It’s my big day too, but she’s been dreaming of this day all her life, so I think when something like that happens, she’s surprised and worried it’s not going to be the day she worked so hard to have you,” said Will Davis.

Davis’s wedding is set to take place on October 9, but the day before he left he struggled to find a solution after Glasser Images decided to shut down just 48 hours before his wedding.

“Most people who get married try to start a life, and you buy a house and move their lives,” Davis said. “Something like when you sacrifice enough to pay that to capture your special day and for that only with one email being taken away is frustrating.”

Amara Willert was a photographer subcontracted to Glasser Images but said since she started in June, she hasn’t received a cent from Glasser.

“They’re going to pay us. They have to pay us! Right? But now it doesn’t look like that.” Willert said.

While she and her husband dropped about $15,000, she said she was only concerned about making sure brides and grooms still had a photographer on their wedding day.

“Losing money is one thing, but you can’t redo a wedding.” Willert said

She’s just one of dozens of photographers who are speaking out publicly saying they weren’t paid by Glasser, and now they’re trying to help.

Marisa Salberg plans to get married next September, on September 30, she paid in full for a videographer from Glasser Images. On top of the Glasser photographer already booked, it’s now $4,000 down

“So we’re looking to not even go on our honeymoon because it’s also a huge problem.” Salberg said

A Facebook group called “Hold Glasser Accountable” was created with more than 1,000 members to discuss how to get their money back or get the photos already taken.

“They won’t get their pictures and I can’t even begin to think that after your day is filmed, now you don’t get your pictures at all and you don’t get a replay of that.” Davis said

“All brides. Will they get their photos, will they get their money back? What will happen? I have a wedding tomorrow. I have a wedding on Saturday… what will happen to them.” Willert said

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