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Kevin Costner is the father of seven children, including daughters Annie, Lily and Grace, and sons Joe William, Cayden and Hayes, from three different relationships. Learn more about it here.

Kevin CostnerAt the age of 66, he is known as a great actor in many popular films and TV series, including BodyguardAnd message in a bottleAnd dragonflyAnd hidden charactersand recently YellowstoneBut he’s also the father of seven adorable kids. He welcomed his children, including his daughters that IAnd lily And Grace or grace, and sons, AtmosphereAnd swordAnd kayden And Hayes, across three different relationships over the years and though he’s talked about the challenges that come with having “Two groups of children” In the past, he also spoke of the joy and uniqueness of his oldest and youngest age as they are 26 years apart.

“as [my] Kids interacting together, there’s always this little bit of, “Do you care about us now as much as you care about them?” It’s just a normal thing that happens, and you have to talk about how great love is.” Mom.com in 2015. “Being able to love another person does not mean there is less love for you. Love always seems to be able to hold on to as many people as possible in that circle.”

Find out more about Kevin’s seven children, from oldest to youngest, below.

that I & lily

Kevin Costner with his two older children, Annie and Lily. (stock struggle)

Annie Costner He is the eldest of Kevin’s children. He welcomed her with his first wife, Cindy Costner, in April 1984. She followed in her father’s footsteps and continued directing, producing and acting. It has produced a variety of features, including Cuban cartelAnd ESPN 30 vs 30: Bomb, Spike And The Untouchable: A Tale of Two Rios, and worked in dancing with the wolves And Waterworld, according to IMDB. married her husband, Danny Cox, in 2016.

Lily Costner He is Kevin and Cindy’s second born. She was born in August 1986 and became an actress. Some of the films she has starred in include Babysitting clubAnd Postman And black or white. According to her on Instagram, she was dating a guy named Aaron For a while and often post sweet photos and videos of him.


Joe Costner He is Kevin and Cindy’s third and last child together. He was born in January 1988 and like his father And sisters, they became actors. He starred alongside Lily in Postman It also appeared in News Cup. He also has a short film sound department accreditation oasis It will occasionally appear in family social media posts, like the clip above, which Lily shared on Instagram.


Liam Costner He is Kevin’s fourth child. After his divorce from Cindy in 1994, he started dating Bridget Rooney They went on to get Liam in November 1996. He’s probably the most special of all his siblings and he’s been kept out of the spotlight and away from the Hollywood scene.

kayden, Hayes and Grace

Kevin Costner, kids
Kevin Costner poses with his wife Christine Baumgartner and their three children, Cayden, Hayes, and Grace, at an event. (stock struggle)

Kevin welcomed his fifth child, Kayden Costnerwith his current wife, Christine Baumgartner, whom he married in 2004, in May 2007. He appeared alongside his younger brothers, Hayes And Grace Costner, on various occasions with his parents. He is known for his blonde hair and often shows off cool suits and other cute outfits for red carpet photos.

Born to parents Kevin and Kristen in February 2009, Hayes also attends events with his parents whenever he can. Like his brother, he often appears in epic suits and smiles when taking pictures in public.

Grace is Kevin’s youngest child and third child with Kristen. She was born in June 2010 and loves to attend events with her parents and siblings, like the one pictured above too. She shows off beautiful dresses when in front of the camera and looks a lot like her parents.

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