Get the ultimate iPhone SE (2020) protection with a 65% discount on OtterBox cases on Black Friday

When it comes to making your iPhone SE (2020) last longer, getting the case can go a long way in avoiding scratches, scratches and more serious damage. OtterBox has long been a trusted name in making iPhone cases that can withstand a ton of abuse, making them ideal for those who want the most protection possible for their phone. Fortunately, the best OtterBox cases for the iPhone SE are currently on sale for Black Friday – some up to 65% off their regular price.

If you’ve snatched a new iPhone SE with one of the best Black Friday iPhone deals, and you’re looking to secure your new investment, you’ll need a typical t 40- $ 60 to get a standard OtterBox case. No need to spend. Whether you want the Defender Series, which gives you the most protection, the Strada series that is clearer and thinner, or something in between, there has never been a better time to buy an OtterBox case for your iPhone SE. ۔

Otterbox Defender Series for Iphone Se

OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone SE | 65% off on Amazon

The Defender series case offers the most protection out there. Your iPhone SE will be completely covered in 3 layer protection. An inner shell, outer cover, and finally a built-in screen protector. Also, all the buttons are covered and the ports have dust protectors, so you don’t have to worry about dirt or pocket lint in your lighting port or headphone jack.

.5 17.58 on Amazon

Otterbox Commuter Series for Iphone Se

OtterBox Traveler Series for iPhone SE | 57% off on Amazon

The commuter series is the next step in security, but that doesn’t mean it’s a slow one when it comes to security. With a double layered design, it still achieves A + in impact resistance, and thanks to the dust cover on its ports, it will keep your device clean and safe as always.

. 17.25 on Amazon

Otterbox Symmetry Case for Iphone Se

OtterBox Symmetry Series for iPhone SE | 56% off on Amazon

The Symmetry Series case is a personal favorite because it is the perfect combination of protection and style. It has only one layer design, but still has a high edge around the screen and the iPhone SE (2020) camera bumps so you don’t have to worry when you place your phone on a surface. Also, it is actually very smooth, meaning it is not too heavy in your pocket or bag.

.4 17.47 on Amazon

Ottterbox Strada Series for Iphone Se

OtterBox Strada Series for iPhone SE | 30% off on Amazon

If you are looking for something more stylish, the Strada Series case has you covered. This is a leather folio style case that not only protects your screen from scratches but also has space for some important bank cards or some cash, so take your wallet with you when you go out and about. No need to go

.9 20.97 on Amazon

Otterbox Prefix Series for Iphone Se

OtterBox Prefix Series for iPhone SE | 30% off on Amazon

Just because OTTERBOX is known for its extreme security issues doesn’t mean they have nothing for you, at least not for people. The prefix series is about preserving the natural shape of your iPhone SE. This is a perfectly clear, tight case that is nice and slim so it doesn’t add much to your phone.

.9 20.97 on Amazon

Coming from personal experience, part of what makes OtterBox great is customer service. All of their cases have a limited 1-year warranty, so resolving a mistake is usually not a problem.

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