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Get started with a free web development course from Microsoft.

Even before you get it. Gut Hub, Microsoft worked with the open source community to create a better environment for emerging developers. The company has recently launched a new web development kit called ‘Web Giant for Beginners’, which focuses on technology enthusiasts.

Free web development course by Microsoft.

This course is almost like any other online course you get today but it is guided by Microsoft. In this case, the ‘Web Dev for Beginners’ course will run for 12 weeks (approximately 3 months), including 24 lessons. During these tutorials, learners will learn about JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

In short, this introductory course hosted on Gut Hub will be the right choice for anyone who needs a jumpstart for web development. To make this possible, Microsoft has organized learning sessions in an organized manner. For example, quizzes will be conducted after all program sessions to make sure the student has learned what they have learned.

Similarly, elements such as optional sketch notes, pre-lesson warm-up quizzes, written lessons, assignments, extra reading, knowledge testing, etc. become an integral part of each course. More importantly, students will learn about the proper use of all the web development tools they have learned in real life.

We should also note that Microsoft has provided a lot of information about each lesson on the Gut Hub page. So, before you sign up, you know what you can get. Getting started takes the learner through the basics of popular programming languages ​​and development methods in general.

In contrast, the 24th lesson of the course deals with state management concepts by creating a banking app. This course devotes many hours to creating real-life applications that make the best use of the web programming languages ​​taught in the course.

Considering all these aspects, the web giant for beginners is something you can’t go wrong with. Even if you know a thing or two about web development, such a structured course will help you heat up the knowledge and perform better. It’s also worth noting that you get training from people who make some of the best web apps in the world.

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Do you want to enroll in a web development program? Go to this Gut Hub repository.

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