Get ready to pay more for iPhone 13.

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As we enter the last (hopefully) section of the iPhone 13 rumors ahead of Apple’s September event, it looks like the upgrade may cost more than usual.

According to DJ Times. (through McRomers.), One of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TMSC). Top chip makers in the world And an Apple supplier – plans to increase its production costs by up to 20%. These changes are expected in January 2022.

But, you say, months from now! Why this will affect the price of iPhones which are probably nearing the end of production and will soon be exposed to the world on a large scale. The report claims that this is an old reason for passing costs on to consumers to protect profits.

While this is certainly possible, we need to see if price increases are evenly distributed throughout the iPhone 13 lineup or if they will only be dealt with by advanced Promodels.

This year, we expect to see four iPhone 13 models, including the iPhone Mini last. Phones are expected. Large batteries, Small marks, And Many camera upgrades Such as portrait video mode, pro race, and more automatic filter options. Among other things, the display has a 120Hz refresh rate and a fast A15 processor. That said, the iPhone 13 is expected to be more of an upgrade than a radical overhaul. IPhone 12S, as they called it in the old days.

As When We will see this expensive phone, the latest theory is that the iPhone will be 13G.o On sale on September 17. Some of the other devices we can see launching with the iPhone are the Apple Watch Series 7, the AirPods 3, and maybe a new iPad mini. And while earlier we all hoped that this fall would be visible. One Apple Event, it looks like we’re in another season of numerous launch events. Right now it looks like another possible launch event will be around M1X MacBooks and a favorite Mac mini.


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