Get off 50 on Belkin’s new soundform Freedom Airbuds

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Get off 50 on Belkin’s new soundform Freedom Airbuds

Belkin SoundFarm supports Freedom Apple FineMy.

David Carnaway / CNET

Belkin has just made a fresh start Soundform Freedom Air Buds on Amazon And CNET is offering a pretty sweet deal for users: the list price of 50 s buds is less than the 120 price tag when you code 50 afblkn At checkout I know it’s very simple math, but just to be clear, it costs less . 70. The contract has no fixed term but is only good for the first 250 people who use the code.

I have been using the buds for a day or two and while they do not cancel out the active noise, they sound good, are lightweight and comfortable to wear and also work well in making calls. Said they could hear me well (in a noisy environment). It’s also worth noting that they have an auto-detection feature, so when you take them out of your ears, your music stops, and Apple has to look for my abilities in 3rd-party third-party accessories. Included. This means you can use the My Find feature on your own phone or any other iOS device to find out if the key is charging if you put it in the wrong place.

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The SoundFarm Freedom Clauses are IPX5 splash proof (they can withstand a constant spray of water) and the battery life is rated at a healthy 8 hours at 50% volume. The compact case, which offers an additional 2.5 charges, has wireless charging capability. They will be happy to work with Android devices and APTX fans knowing that they support this audio codec.

Like all noisy earbuds, I can’t say that everyone will like the fit of these buds. And you will need a hard seal to get the maximum sound quality. But if you get a good fit, they cost 70 70. Their sound may not be extraordinarily good, but it is well balanced with the cartoon bass and good clarity and their overall performance adapts well compared to other Airbuds which cost around – 100-. 120. They also come in white.

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