German beer sales fell again in 2021 as the pandemic continues

BERLIN (AP) — German beer sales fell another 2.2% last year, with the coronavirus pandemic once again hitting breweries after…

German beer sales fell another 2.2% last year, official figures showed on Tuesday, as the coronavirus pandemic once again hit breweries after sales plunged 5.5% in 2020.

The shutdowns that have closed restaurants and bars for parts of the past two years have added to the long-term downtrend fueled by health concerns and other factors.

The Federal Statistics Office said that breweries and distributors in Germany sold about 8.5 billion liters (2.2 billion gallons) of beer in 2021.

There was a particularly sharp year-on-year decline of 27% and 19.1%, respectively, in January and February, when full lockdown measures were implemented across the country. Authorities began easing restrictions in the spring; The nationwide lockdown has yet to be reimposed, although restrictions remain.

The statistics office said beer sales within Germany, which made up more than four-fifths of the total, were 3.4% lower than in 2020 and 8.6% lower than in 2019.

Beer exports to other countries in the European Union fell by 4%, while exports to countries outside the European Union increased by 12.7%.

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