Georgia Ma, 24, refuses coed vaccine, then needs lung transplant

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Georgia Ma, 24, refuses coed vaccine, then needs lung transplant

  • Her mother said a man who refused the coronavirus vaccine was infected and needed a lung transplant.
  • Blake Bargitz, 24, has been hospitalized since April, and underwent a double lung transplant in June.
  • His mother encouraged people to get vaccinated, saying, “I just don’t want anyone else to go through it.”

In Georgia, a man refused a coronavirus vaccine and then needed a double lung transplant after becoming infected.

Her pain prompted her mother to vaccinate others in her position as well.

Black Bargitz, 24, has been in hospital since April, NBC News reported.

His mother, Sheryl Bargatez Neulo, told NBC’s WXIA that she was reluctant to be vaccinated before attending an indoor concert in Florida, where she may have had an infection.

He said he wanted to wait longer before the shot was fired: “He didn’t want to wait 10 years or more, as most people want it to last longer. “

Georgia and nearby southern states have the fewest vaccinations in the United States, according to the CDC.

Her son fell ill at the hospital, and struggled to breathe to the point that he needed a double lung transplant. NBC News reported that he received a transplant in June, and that he had been vaccinated against Covid 19 just days before his surgery.

The WXIA aired a video of Bargatz with tubes in his nose and a standing machine. At one point, the word “bring the vaccine” came out of his mouth.

“People just want the vaccine,” he said. “I just don’t want anyone else to get it. It’s horrible. ۔ “

He said Brigitte’s brother and a cousin came to see what had happened to him after receiving the vaccine.

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