Garoppolo 49ers in limbo in 2022 but all ready for the Vikings visit

SANTA CLARA – Jimmy Garoppolo made no secret of words on Wednesday about how draining the Vikings line of defense could help the 49ers in Sunday’s home game.

“It’s a huge advantage for us,” Garoppolo said, before expressing great respect for the Minnesota Reserve Championships he faces Sunday at Levi’s Stadium.

If only Garoppolo was able to be firm about what his personal future holds.

Simply put, neither he nor coach Kyle Shanahan was able to answer directly on Wednesday whether a potential 49-player playoff charge would give Garoppolo a better chance of extending his tenure until 2022, delaying Tre Lance’s arrival in the starting role.

“Honestly, with odds on, I try not to close any doors too soon,” Garoppolo said. “We have a lot to continue the season now. If you think about those other things, you’re going to get distracted.

“When we cross that bridge, we’ll set everything up after that.”

In fact. None of the Team 49 brass has ever ruled out a Garoppolo return, as little as it is, because who knows what could unfold if a deep playoff takes place, if Lance doesn’t work out, or if teams come calling for a winter trade.

For now, Shanahan said things stand just as they did going into the season: Garoppolo is in charge until Lance can beat him, and that’s not about to happen, so Shanahan “doesn’t think too much about getting past that.”

“There is a chance for anything,” Shanahan added. “But we’ve made it clear that Trey is our man of the future, whenever that happens.”

What happened on Wednesday was that 49 players were going about their routines while their next opponent was dealing with rough times amongst their defensive line, most notably Iverson Griffin.

Griffin, the four-time Pro Bowl defensive end Vikings, requested police and mental health counselors at his home on Wednesday before he was eventually moved to a health care facility. Three years ago, an episode related to mental health suspended its season.

Already among the junior Vikings’ defensive line are Daniel Hunter (injured reserve), as well as Dalvin Tomlinson (COVID reserve) and Michael Pierce (injured reserve). Still Sheldon Richardson, and Eddie Yarbrough is still likely to be coming, but this is not the time to fall foul of the 49ers’ streak paving the way to wins over the Los Angeles Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars.

It’s unfortunate for them if they don’t have them, but that doesn’t change what we do,” Shanahan said of the Vikings’ defense.

“The men are advancing. We have to be prepared for that,” Garoppolo said. It’s that time of year: the next guy. ”

health updates

Defensive end Dee Ford’s training window will open on Thursday and the 49ers plan to revitalize him from the injured reserve for Sunday’s game, assuming Ford’s back cooperates.

Linebacker Dre Greenlaw may also return on Sunday. He continues training trying to come back from his first week thigh injury.

Wednesday Limited were running back Elijah Mitchell (finger, rib), corner back Josh Norman (rib) and left goalkeeper Lacon Tomlinson (ankle). Not training running back JaMycal Hasty (ankle) and defensive tackle Maurice Hurst (calf).

Greetings Williams

Trent Williams was unable to enter the left of a pass thrown into the touchdown on Sunday, and that’s about all that has gone wrong this season for the highest-paid offensive player in the NFL. “He’s been playing at a very high level this year,” Shanahan said. “I would say it’s probably the best year Trent has had, so far, in terms of consistency and playing to that level every week.

Williams, 33, is in his eleventh season. “Usually as you get older, talent goes away and you can still execute with wisdom and experience, but I see the same talent and he has a lot of years of experience,” Shanahan added.

key bag bag

Defensive end Arden Key said he wasn’t aware that his three sacks in his past three games matched his total previous three seasons with the Raiders. “I lost some confidence early on,” Key said of his career path. “After nmy success at LSU, being talked about (as a third-round finalist), then my first two years in the league, it wasn’t really a blink of an eye from Arden Key, he did something to me. But I kept fighting and I kept working and now here I am.”

Hall of Fame

Four former 49ers are among the 26 modern-day Pro Football Hall of Fame semi-finalists: Anquan Boldin (first year of eligibility), Ricky Waters (second-time semi-finalist), Bryant Young (2020 finalist, and for the third time in the semi-finals) and Patrick Willis (semi-finalists in all three years of eligibility). The list will be reduced to 15 finalists in early January.


Defensive end Nick Bosa and linebacker Kyle Gocek are the only players to advance 49 players in their NFC positions in the Pro Bowl vote.

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