GameSyre launches new phone grip with cooling fan for mobile gamers

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GameSyre launches new phone grip with cooling fan for mobile gamers

If you are an avid mobile gamer, then you have probably heard of the gamer brand. The Chinese accessory maker has some interesting controllers and grips for mobile devices to help you in your long gaming sessions. Following the launch of the GameSer X2 earlier this year, the company has now unveiled a new solution called the GameSer F8 Pro Singun, a premium smartphone grip with a state-of-the-art cooling system, a built-in touch-based Joystick, kick stand and RGB lighting.

The F8 Pro can adjust smartphones from 100mm to 173mm and has a round finish for comfortable grip. The most interesting feature of this new mobile grip is the 5-stage cooling system. According to the company, it has a built-in 7 blade fan inside the aluminum alloy column. It is connected via a semiconductor ‘refrigeration chip’, a cold plate, and finally, a silicon-based thermal pad to ensure that your smartphone stays cool while running the much-desired high-end game. The cooling fan also has RGB lighting for aesthetic purposes. To power the cooling system, there is a USB-C port at the bottom of the grip. Unfortunately, there is no inbuilt battery, which means you need to carry a charger or power bank if you want to take full advantage of the cooling capacity.

In addition, the gamer has some accessories that can be made with the F8 Pro Snugun. There is a removable and adjustable touch sensitive Joystick that can be quite useful for games like PUBG Mobile (Beat Grounds Mobile India) and Call of Duty Mobile, as one can give a Joystick for movement. Such joysticks are not always reliable, however, the company suggests that they may not work properly under certain conditions. For example, if your phone has thick bezels or glass screen protectors, you may have problems with the joystick. The company also has some fingerprint sleeves and trigger buttons that can be used to further enhance your gaming experience.

The Gamer F8 Pro Snoogen Mobile Cooling Grip is currently available through Indigogo through Collective Funding, priced at $ 35, with delivery expected by the end of August. This game on the official website of Sierra. Also available for pre-order at 39.99 and will arrive on Amazon soon when the crowdfunding campaign is over.

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