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Gabe Pettito update: Brian Laundry’s boyfriend is a ‘Person of Interest’ as he avoids FBI interviews

Parents of a missing woman make an emotional plea for the return of their daughter

Police in Florida have new information about the disappearance of Gabi PettitoA famous YouTuber. On Wednesday, the North Port Police Department announced that it is treating Ms Pettito’s fiancé as a significant person in their investigation.

Mrs. Pettito disappeared while on a road trip with her fiancé, Brian Laundry, who returned without her, prompting a frantic search for the 22-year-old woman on 9/11.

Mr. Laundry, who was living with Pettito in North Port, Florida, has so far refused to cooperate with the authorities. Northport Police will hold a press conference today at 11:30 a.m. EDT to discuss the latest developments in their search for Ms. Pettito.

Nicole Schmidt, Ms. Pettito’s mother, said the last time she spoke to her daughter was on August 30, but because it was a text, she couldn’t be sure she was actually talking to the woman. Prior to that, the mother and daughter had a video chat on August 23 or 24.

Ms Schmidt said it was normal for her and her daughter to have a video chat several times a week. When her daughter did not register after Mr. Laundry returned early from their road trip, she became concerned and eventually the family reported it to the police.


Gabriel Pettito’s stepfather travels to Utah to find her

Gabriel Pettito’s stepfather, James Schmidt, traveled with a family friend to Utah to search for the missing woman.

Richard Stafford, the family’s attorney, said Schmidt and a family friend plan to focus their search on Grand Teton National Park, where Ms Pettito was last seen.

Greg GraziosiSeptember 15, 2021 19:07


North Port Police said they recovered “materials” from Gabriel Pettito’s truck

North Port Police said during a news conference on Wednesday that they had recovered “materials” from Gabriel Pettito’s truck, but said they were not prepared to release details of their findings. The truck was transported from Utah to Mrs. Pettito’s Florida home by her fiancé, Brian Laundry, after a road trip the couple took.

The department also said there was no active search warrant for Mr Laundry’s family home, where the couple live.

Greg GraziosiSeptember 15, 2021 18:41


Gabriel Pettito’s mother says her family’s fiancé ignores her texts

told Nicole Schmidt, mother of Gabriel Pettito daily mail The woman’s fiancé, Brian Laundry, and his family ignore her desperate attempts to find her daughter.

“I texted Brian’s mom that I was trying to get in touch with Gabe. I also texted Brian. She said, ‘I haven’t received any responses.'”

She said she knew something was wrong and felt she had to report her daughter’s disappearance “immediately”.

Mr. Laundry returned from a road trip the couple took on September 1. Ms. Schmidt reported that Pettito was missing on 11 September. It is unclear when she first suspected her daughter’s disappearance.

Ms. Schmidt said the last time she spoke on video with her daughter was August 25. She noted that she texted her daughter on August 30, but said she couldn’t be sure she was talking to her daughter because that was a text exchange.

Greg GraziosiSeptember 15, 2021 18:33


Gabriel Pettito’s father appears on Fox News

Gabriel Pettito’s father, Joe Pettito, appeared on Fox News where he criticized a statement from the family of her fiancé Brian Laundry.

The statement – issued through a lawyer – says Laundry’s family wish to “stay in the background” during the investigation, and that they hope the search will be “successful”. Mr Pettito said it was “not a permit”.

Gabriel Pettito’s father criticizes his fiancee’s statement

The Independent Bevan Hurley delves into depth with the press dad’s appearance below…

Greg GraziosiSeptember 15, 2021 18:23


The FBI sets up a national reporting hotline for information on the whereabouts of Gabriel Pettito

The North Port Police Department announced Wednesday that it is setting up a national hotline to seek guidance on Gabriel Pettito’s disappearance and current whereabouts.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the woman or her disappearance or anyone who has seen her truck should call 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324).

The Northport Police Department said it has already received hundreds of tips and is examining the information through various law enforcement agencies.

Greg GraziosiSeptember 15, 2021 18:07


Laundry’s family says they will “stay in the background” to search for Gabriel Pettito

In a statement released by an attorney, the family of Brian Laundry, Gabriel Pettito’s fiancé and her last known person, said they would “remain in the background” to the search effort.

Pettito’s family released a statement in response, disappointed with Laundry’s refusal to cooperate with the authorities.

The Schmidt and Pettito family are going through the worst moments of their lives. Their beautiful 22-year-old daughter is missing and the only person who can help find Gabe is refusing to help.”

Mr. Laundry has been selected as a VIP in Ms. Pettito’s case by the North Port Police Department.

Greg GraziosiSep 15, 2021 at 17:54


Gabriel Pettito’s father criticizes his fiancee’s statement

Joe Pettito, father of Gabriel Pettito, appeared on Fox News to discuss his daughter’s disappearance and respond to the statement made by her fiancé, Brian Laundry.

“This was not a statement. I am sorry. This is not a statement,” Mr. Pettito told Fox News host Bill Hemmer.

“Forget Brian, Brian’s safe house. His parents, yeah, that’s hard for them. Bulls***. You know? My daughter isn’t here. Our daughter isn’t here. We don’t even know what her condition is.”

He said he was largely unconcerned with the statement.

“You know, we’re shooting from the hip here and trying to do what we can. So I don’t care about the statement. I’m interested in finding Gabe,” he said.

Greg GraziosiSeptember 15, 2021 17:32


Police reveal their latest findings

The North Port Police Department has issued a press release with an update regarding the ongoing search for Gabriel Pettito.

The Independent Bevan Hurley checks out the latest section info below…

Greg GraziosiSeptember 15, 2021 at 17:02


Police release photos of Gabriel Pettito’s truck

Northport Police have released photos of the van Gabriel Pettito drove during their cross-country road trip.

Decals on the back of the truck used by Gabriel Pettito and her fiancé, Brian Laundry. Mr. Laundry returned from the trip without Mrs. Pettito, prompting the police to search.

(North Point Police Department)

North Harbor Police have released photos of the truck they seized from Mr Laundry’s home

(North Harbor Police)

Greg GraziosiSeptember 15, 2021 16:56


Northport police name Gabriel Pettito’s fiancé Brian Laundry as a VIP

Brian Laundry, Gabriel Pettito’s fiancé and the last person known about her personally, is someone with an interest in the case.

The North Port Police Department held a press conference, Wednesday, to announce that Al-Khatib was considered an important person in their search for Ms. Pettito.

“We know that Brian returned here to Northport on September 1 – ten days before her family was reported missing on September 11,” the department said in a statement before Laundry was declared a VIP.

Police said Mr. Laundry did not make himself available to investigators.

Greg GraziosiSeptember 15, 2021 16:45

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