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New York (CBS New York) – a Funeral prayer service It will be held Sunday morning for the 15 victims of the Bronx skyscraper fire.

A large attendance is expected for the 10 a.m. service at the Islamic Cultural Center in Fordham Heights.

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before service, Mayor Eric Adams Visiting a local mosque to pray with the families of the victims.

“I can’t feel the pain of people staying in town hall,” Adams said.

CBS2’s Jessica Moore asked Alhaji Dokuray, who lost five family members in the fire, what it means for the mayor to pray with him.

“She meant the world to us,” Dokuray said. He did not come across as mayor of New York City. Came across as a family. That kind of encouragement is what keeps our family together, and it’s what keeps us strong during these emotional moments.”

The fatal fire was caused by a malfunctioning space heater exactly a week ago. And it caused smoke to rise 19 floors, killing 17 people, including eight children. They are all Muslim immigrants from West Africa.

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“My heart is completely broken,” said Ansumana Soso, a cousin of one of the victims.

“You can’t eat and swallow and digest. Something will never be the same,” Daichun Taylor said.

Local leaders say their battle for the victims will continue long after the funeral. Congressman Ritchie Torres Wants Congress to pass a law Require that all space heaters be equipped with automatic shutdowns, and that all federally funded buildings be equipped with self-closing doors.

“We know that if the self-closing doors are working properly, the spread of smoke will be contained,” Torres said.

All residents are currently staying in hotels, which are paid until January 24. Once the apartments are deemed safe, residents can return. But they do not have.

They are shocked and no longer want to live here. “So we have committed to accommodating every family that wants to permanently move elsewhere in the Bronx,” said Vanessa Gibson, president of the Bronx Borough.

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Among the 17 victims, two children were already buried earlier this week.


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