[Funding alert] SaaS startup ProfitWheel raises $3M from major angel investors in seed round

Starting a SaaS profit wheel On Thursday, it announced that it had recently secured its total capital increase 3 million dollars In the seed round.

ProfitWheel accounted for 50 percent of the total investment amount from Netcore Cloud, A Leading Acquisition, Sharing and Retention Company, and from the Co-Founder of ProfitWheel, Vivek Bhargava. The remaining investment came from more than 15 funded investors including Vallabh Bhansali inaam group, KRS Jamwal for tata group, Dinesh Agarwal from Indiamart, Prashant Gulati – Investor and Trustee, Tie Global Board, Radwan Quetta Jagdish Mathur CitiusTech, Jimmy Mahtani From Baring Private Equity Asia, and Harish Bhal And manish fig From the smile group.

Founded in 2020, ProfitWheel is focused on creating a customer data-driven marketing intelligence platform for the new direct consumer world.

With the new investment, the company is preparing to fill the need gap created by the latest changes in the adtech ecosystem, the company said.

Speaking of the platform, Vivek Bhargava, Co-Founder, ProfitWheel, She said,

“ProfitWheel has been envisioned as a global SaaS products company with a dream of becoming a multi-billion dollar enterprise. We aim to deliver more profits to our customers – by providing more information on how best to engage with their existing or new customers. We will continue to disrupt the world of ad technology by creating products It will delight the ecosystem and change the way advertising is perceived. We are very fortunate and excited to have such reputable industry leaders supporting the company in the next phase of our journey.”

Recently, ProfitWheel brought in Nielsen Aman Khanna And Gautam Mehra as co-founders.

Aman has been involved in the company’s operations in the United States since its inception. With Gautam on board, the company aims to increase the focus on driving technical innovations and building new products that will enable true intelligence in the martech ecosystem.

Rajesh JainThe founder and managing director of Netcore Cloud said,

“I have been associated with Vivek Bhargava for over a decade and have been deeply involved in ProfitWheel’s journey since its inception. As marketers enter the no-cookie era, there is a dire need to consider the latest technology to interact with their customers effectively. ProfitWheel solves these challenges for brands by using First-party data in a privacy-compliant manner. The company lays the foundation for a future where D2C companies will drive profitable growth forever. I am excited about this unique offering and with the strength of the leadership team and happy to support the business.”

Vallabh Bhansali, Chairman of Enam Holdings She said,

“I invested in Vivek Bhargava’s first Communicate 2 project in 2002. He led his company through the dot-com crash and the global financial crisis with his sheer resilience, which led to the successful acquisition of Dentsu. Now that he has built a SaaS enterprise with global market potential like ProfitWheel, I am pleased To support him again.”

Dinesh Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Indiamart He said, “Entrepreneurship is an ongoing journey. After 20 years of ups and downs, followed by a successful exit, I would like to commend Vivek Bhargava for starting ProfitWheel rather than resting on his laurels! I wish him all the best and am proud to be associated with ProfitWheel as an early investor.”

Prashant (PK) Gulati, Investor and Trustee, Tie Global Board He stated, “Having invested in over 40 companies, I believe it is easier to identify the mindset that helps entrepreneurs build expanded global businesses. I saw this resilience in Vivek Bhargava during the early days of Communicate 2. I am confident that Vivek will build ProfitWheel To become a strong and successful company that will make us all proud.”


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