Full version of Simon Jordan and Christian Purslow’s struggle over finances

Simon Jordan and Christian Purslow have engaged in a heated debate about finances in English football following a fan-led review of the future of the game.

Aston Villa chief executive officer Chase He was speaking on Talksport with former Crystal Palace chairman Jordan and they discussed the possibility of the Premier League sharing more wealth with the Football League.

This sparked an unusual controversy between the pair that came on the heels of a report that recommended an independent regulator to oversee English football.

Led by Conservative MP Tracey Crouch, the 162-page document called for action to change the game in the country and stop the collapse of clubs like Perry in 2019.

Suggestions that Major League Soccer clubs should get a fairer share of the top-tier fortunes sparked an emotional exchange between Jordan and Purslow.

This is the full text.

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Chase: “Let’s get the smartest minds in the Premier League to sit down with the people at the EFL and see how we can facilitate this journey.”

Jordan: “That’s a bit of a passing statement, Christian, because what the Premier League tends to do…”

Chase : “I’ll tell you what the Premier League did.”

Jordan: “Let me finish.”

Chase: “The Premier League has committed £1.6 billion to the government to pay for the pyramid over the next three years. Hear that number. The Premier League has pledged £1.6 billion to fund the rest of English football.

“English football by the way, if no one has noticed, the age groups have won the World Cup…

Jordan: “That’s a beautiful Christian.”

Chase : “Does anyone think there is a problem?”

Jordan : “Wait Christian. Let’s really look at the commitments the Premier League is not fulfilling. He has a 5 per cent commitment to fund the grass roots which he hasn’t done for the past 20 years.

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“It’s hundreds and hundreds of millions of pounds short of that commitment. The last time the Premier League sat down and wanted to help them with solidarity payments, these were the solidarity payments we’d give you out of goodwill and by the way, here’s Elite Player Performance which means we robbed us..’.”

Chase: “incorrect.”

Jordan: “Yeah that’s right because I was there when they did it.”

Chase: “We sat down six months ago and offered a £250m loan facility.

Jordan: “That’s a different point.”

Chase: “I said that the last time the Premier League sat down with the Premier League was several years ago. Last summer they sat down with the Championship and gave them an interest-free loan facility of £250m.

“Will Tescos offer corner shops a £250m loan facility?”

Jordan: “Wait. It’s a great argument and Steve Parish did it. I get that.”

Chase: “That’s right. How many other industries are supporting the rest of their industry?”

Jordan: “14 per cent of the product that the Premier League provides comes from the league that has been decimated by the Premier League.”

“I am a staunch defender of merit. I am also – with a foot in the other camp – a huge believer that the Premier League exists out of the sum of its parts of English football which is the hierarchical system.

“It is undeniable that the Premier League has been kicking and screaming for the FA’s help. It did so reluctantly under duress and threat.

“She also did it because she knew she was going to get the broadcast deal from the government when it came to Sky and BT to deliver the next thing.

“I won’t let you be tempted, that’s not quite right.”

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