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Harlem. Photography: Sarah Schatz

Produced by Pharrell Williams and starring Megan Judd and Grace Byers, this comedy-drama from Girls Trip creator Tracy Oliver begins with an opening about the Musso women in China. Can the values ​​of this female-dominated society be translated into the twenty-first century in New York? Meet a “tribe of unbreakable sisters” – including a professor and a fashion designer – in search of love and adventure. It’s a far cry from the unfamiliar – Sex and the City comes to mind – and the characters take some time to feel the multidimensionality. But it does have things to say about gentrification, and the difficulty of maintaining identity in a city whose nature is constantly changing.
Amazon Prime Video, from Friday 3 December

Fantastic apartment

Wonderful apartment.
Wonderful apartment. Photo: Ricochet/BBC

Engaged in making the best of a lot of the bad, this tacky improvement show returns with more tips on creating rental homes. Designer Winnie Williams and co-host Tyler West are your guide to vintage stores, online auctions, recycling techniques, and decorating tips. The political implications of all this could be arguably problematic – a BBC series on possible ways to fix Britain’s horrific housing crisis and give the rental generation a path to living security that doesn’t include rich parents might also be a good idea. But in the meantime, there are some helpful hints here.
BBC Three, from Sunday 28 November

The genies

The genies.
The genies. Photo: NETFLIX

Family birthday in picture book site. What could possibly go wrong? Almost everything, as it turns out, this Danish drama goes from slow motion movie to dysfunctional monster festival in no time at all. When a kid breaks off in abs, a find in a shed seems surprising. But the locals seem wary of what their guests might unleash, and it turns out they have good reason to be careful. Think Gremlins with a dash of Troll Hunter and The Wicker Man—an exciting combination to start the holiday season, for sure.
Netflix, as of Sunday 28 November

lost in space

Lost in space.
Lost in space. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of NETFLIX

Space Family Robinson comes to the end of their intergalactic journey with the final season of this grandiose fantasy drama. Obviously some shocks in the store. “If you’re watching this recording, there’s a chance things didn’t go the way I hoped they would,” Will Robinson says in his captain’s log. When we last left Robinson, they were separated and Jodi was piloting a second spaceship full of children. Meanwhile, Jodi’s parents have been busy fighting robots. But what about the mysterious sign that led Jodi toward her real father?
Netflix, as of Wednesday December 1

big jump

The big jump.
The big jump. Photo: AP

In a wonderful meta twist, the artificial melodrama of showcasing television talent is used as a narrative basis for this comedy-drama. The Big Leap is a realistic dance competition that culminates in a performance by Swan Lake. Channel a diverse group of disaffected, depressed, and desperate dreamers who are looking for a fresh start and risking heartbreak to get it. The tone is a little uneven—you can’t quite decide between mine and fidelity—but the performances are endearing, especially Simone Recasner as Gabe.
Disney+, as of Wednesday, December 1


Luca Minella and Dara Tombroff in The Coyotes.
Luca Minella and Dara Tombroff in The Coyotes. Photo: Netflix

Lord of the Flies meets Uncut Gems, if such a thing can be imagined. This rampaging Belgian thriller begins as a harmless scout’s camping trip, filled with the usual lessons of alliance building, moderate risk, and clear morals lessons. However, the discovery of a bag of diamonds at the bottom of a lake throws the show into an entirely different territory. This discovery has the potential to change lives – but this of course means that the diamond will also be of great interest to both the authorities and various very bad people. Silly, but fun.
Netflix, starting Friday, December 3

Stealing money

Stealing money.
Stealing money. Photography: Tamara Arrans/Netflix

One of the most-watched foreign series on Netflix, this addictive and addictive Spanish thriller might just be the biggest hit of sleepovers on the platform — while maintaining a simple, almost racist premise throughout its impressive five seasons. Essentially, a group of criminal masterminds led by Professor (Alvaro Morte) unleash ambitious heists on the toughest targets (the Royal Spanish Mint, for example) and unravel events from there. Fans know to expect the unexpected, but as the final season begins, The Professor falls into a world full of problems.
Netflix, starting Friday, December 3

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