Friday’s full ‘deer’ moon could be red in most parts of the United States

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Friday’s full ‘deer’ moon could be red in most parts of the United States

An embarrassing red NASA image of a “Blood Moon”. This is the result of a lunar eclipse, but the full moon of July 2021 is visible due to the smoke of forest fires in the atmosphere.


Stormy skies are visible across the United States and large parts of Canada Smoke from the western forest fires spread throughout North America. The haze of the atmosphere is turning the sunlight red and the moon is turning orange or red. The full moon of this Friday can emphasize the unusual color of the moon.

Here in New Mexico on Wednesday night, I saw a dizzy orange-yellow halo with a red halo around it. This may sound even more dramatic as it rises this Friday in areas affected by smoke.

The full moon of July is sometimes called the “deer” moon, a name popularized by the farmers’ almanac. The name refers to the growth of antlers on box deer in the northern hemisphere. According to NASA, other names from around the world include Thunder Moon, Hee Moon and Mad Moon.

Although the full moon will reach its peak at 7:37 pm PT on Friday, NASA says it will be fully visible from Thursday evening to Sunday morning. Red lunar eclipses are familiar to observers, who are treated as “Blood Moon” when the total lunar eclipse turns the moon pink. But smoky skies are a different matter.

Forest fire smoke can also affect the shape of the sun. During another wildfire season, NASA reported on what was happening to it in 2017: The sky is a red or orange hue. “The effect can be more pronounced at sunset and sunrise.”

Although the spread of forest fire smoke is harmful news, it can create some memorable views of the full moon. Just keep in mind the reason for these colors.

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