French police shot migrants with rubber bullets in an attempt to stop them from coming to Britain

The shooting took place at night when eight Iranian Kurds were shot as they were carrying a boat towards the water on a beach in Dunkirk.

Two men received hospital treatment after being shot on September 22.

Those involved said daily Mail They are not human traffickers, but asylum seekers hoping to arrive Britain.

A man told the newspaper: “We were eight carrying the boat near the shore. We were preparing to launch it for 40 people who wanted to cross into your country.

Then three or four policemen arrived in one car. One of the policemen shot Juanro Rasoli at point blank range. I don’t remember how many times they fired rubber bullets.

“When the police saw us, they shouted stop, we stopped and they were still shooting at us. Then we ran away as far as we could.”

Mr Rasouli, 24, is still recovering in hospital after sustaining a broken leg.

The accident occurred five miles from a squalid migrant camp where hundreds of people were waiting for a boat bound for Britain.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has threatened to stop Britain’s £54m payment to the French government for beach patrols in northern France if the number of migrant boats crossing into Britain does not decrease.

The number of people who made the perilous voyage across the English Channel in small boats this year reached 17,085.

The number is double the total for the whole of 2020 when 8,417 people crossed.


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