Free technology for teachers: lighthouses and money boxes.

The Library of Congress has a large collection of activity tips and resources for parents looking for educational activities they can do at home with their children. This collection is called resource for family engagements. Inside this collection you will find activity kits that offer instructions and ideas for making mini books at home, designing and coloring lighthouses and creating comics.

Resources for family engagements also offer a handful of printables called Colors Our Collection. These are free coloring pages based on historical pictures and drawings. You can print these pages as black and white outlines then color them to your heart’s content.

Applications for education.
The material within the resources for family engagement is intended for elementary school age students. LOC Resources for Family Engagement are the kind of resources I would like to include in classroom websites for parents who are looking for ideas for fun learning activities that they can do at home with their children. Can

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