Free technology for teachers: freshwater access game

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Free technology for teachers: freshwater access game

Equation is a free iOS, Android and web game offered by the Smithsonian Science Education Center. The game, designed for upper elementary school or middle school students, teaches students what can be done to distribute clean water and balance global water resources. Students in the game select a region to explore the current water supply. Based on the information provided, students take action in the form of building desalination plants, conducting further research, responding to natural disasters, and attempting to move water between areas.

As mentioned above, Equation is available to play on Android devices, iOS devices and your web browser. If you try to play it in your web browser, be patient as it takes some time to load.

Applications for education
Equation is not a fast paced game so when it is open to your students they do not get their attention. But if you can get ahead of your students’ initial “bat” response, the game offers some valuable lessons about the global distribution of freshwater resources and the challenges they face in the region Is less than

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