Free Technology for Teachers: Fork Mind Mapping

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Free Technology for Teachers: Fork Mind Mapping

I’m going to recharge this week and get ready for the next session of the Practical Ad Tech Virtual Summer Camp. For the next few days, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite and newest tweaking tools so far this year.

In the last thirteen years of writing this blog, I’ve tried a dozen, possibly over a hundred mindfulness and flow chart creation tools. In fact, my first published written book was as a co-author of a book on mind mapping that requires school leaders to learn about digital technologies and social media. Let me tell you – I have seen a lot of mind building tools. Of these, the best are usually the easiest. Forkie is a new mindset that falls into the category of simple but effective.

Forkie is a free-thinking tool focused on connecting textbooks only. As you will see in this video, all you have to do is double-click on the screen to create a brain map with a fork, then start typing in the text box that you double-click. To add a new integrated idea, just press the tab key on your keyboard and a new text box will appear for you to type. If you want to create a new text box that is not connected to the previous one, double click somewhere. And on your screen. When you click on one box over another, you can only touch the boxes by holding down the Shift key.

The fork does not include support for inserting photos, videos, or any other media. It’s just to write a series of connected theories. You can invite others to view your Forkie brain maps via email.

Applications for education

Brain mapping tools like Forkie can be helpful for students when they are planning a creative story with a few story lines. Students can invite their teachers to review their brain maps and provide some feedback.

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