Free technology for teachers: Docs, Guesses, and Hats

Good morning from Maine where it definitely feels like a fall. This week I had to break my stock of winter hats (my Canadian friends called them Tuk). It is cheaper to wear a hat and sweater than to turn on the furnace. Before I had kids, I always tried to get the heat on until November. It was made for some cold nights in mid-October. Now that I have young children who arrive in October without changing the heat, it’s a win.

Anyway, this weekend we’re wearing our hats and sweaters and going to watch a football game. We will spend some time playing in the piles of leaves because now there are enough piles on the ground to form some piles. I hope you have some fun plans for your weekend as well.

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1. Features two new Google Docs to note.

7. Track-project-based, peer-to-peer learning.

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