Free technology for teachers: boycott for Chrome

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Free technology for teachers: boycott for Chrome

I’m going to recharge this week and get ready for the next session of the Practical Ad Tech Virtual Summer Camp. For the next few days, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite and newest tweaking tools so far this year.

Earlier this year, Boycott launched an updated Chrome extension that makes it easier for students to present information sources correctly. Some of its key features include automatic formatting of citations in dozens of styles, easy transfer of citations to your documents, and the addition of a click to your existing boycott bibliography. Yesterday, I made this short video outlining the key features of the boycott’s Chrome extension. Take a look and see how easy it is to use boycott.

Applications for education
As I wrote earlier this week, one of the things I’ve always liked about boycott is that it supports dozens of citations in addition to the standard MLA and APA formats. ۔ It is easy to edit a boycott if students find a formatting error. Finally, boycott students do not need to register to use it. Completed bibliography can be downloaded as a document, Bible tax file or as HTML.

This post originally appeared on If you see it elsewhere, this permission has been used. Sites that steal my (Richard Byron’s) work include CloudCompton and 711 Web.

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