FPL player availability in Gameweek 4 remains uncertain despite clubs’ position on the red list

The English Premier League clubs announced on Tuesday evening that they have decided Not To release players for international matches played in red list countries in the September holiday.

This is something that, of course, affects the managers of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL).

We previously discussed the worst case scenario, to highlight players who may be at risk of losing Gameweeks 4 and 5 (and possibly others after future international breaks) as a result of their upcoming participation in their home countries.

These assets included FPL Mohamed Salah (£12.6 million), Ravenha (£6.5 million) and Emiliano Martinez (5.5 million pounds sterling).

Yesterday’s announcement from the 20 first division teams appears to allay concerns on this front But that certainly isn’t the last we hear about the issue.

And in another, as yet unconfirmed, development, Sports report that…

Players will be banned from playing for their clubs in the international window, which runs until September 9, plus five more days.

This will result in them being excluded from games on the weekend of September 11th and 12th.

They would also risk further disciplinary action by FIFA.

Premier League clubs have also protested FIFA’s decision to extend the international window in South America by two days in September and October, which means a late return ahead of Gameweeks 4 and 8 for a number of key FPL players representing Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay – if they are allowed to make the trip, of course.

The text of Tuesday’s statement was as follows:

The Premier League clubs today reluctantly but unanimously decided not to allow players for international matches played in the red list countries next month.

The decision of the clubs strongly supported by the English Premier League, Nearly 60 players from 19 Premier League clubs who are due to travel to 26 countries will be applied to the red list in the September international window.

This follows FIFA’s current position not to extend the temporary release exemption for players required to be quarantined upon their return from international duty.

There have been extensive discussions with both the Football Association and the government to find a solution, but due to ongoing public health concerns regarding travelers coming from Red List countries, no exemption has been granted.

If you are asked to quarantine upon return from the Red List countries, not only will the players’ well-being and fitness be significantly affected, but they will also not be available to prepare and play in two rounds of Premier League matches, a European Club League match and the third round. League Cup.

This period takes into account 10 days of hotel quarantine upon return to England but does not include any additional time players may be required to return to match fitness.

Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League, said: “Premier League clubs have always supported the desires of their players to represent their countries – and this is something to be proud of for all involved. However, the clubs grudgingly but rightly came to the conclusion that it would be completely unreasonable to release players in Under these new conditions.

“Quarantine requirements mean that players’ well-being and physical fitness will be significantly affected. We understand the challenges in the international match calendar and remain open to practical solutions.”

Clubs also discussed their displeasure with FIFA’s decision to extend the international CONMEBOL window by two days in September and October from nine to 11 days.

This places additional international obligations on players from that region, at the expense of their availability to represent their clubs.

FIFA is urged to work with all stakeholders to ensure an acceptable conclusion on this issue.

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