Foxconn and TSMC agree to buy 10 million vaccines for Taiwan

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Foxconn and TSMC agree to buy 10 million vaccines for Taiwan

Two Taiwanese companies from the international tech supply chain, Foxconn and TSMC, have agreed to buy 10 million doses of the 19-dose vaccine for the island as part of a standoff between Taipei and Beijing. Both companies will donate up to حکومت 35 a dose of biotech vaccines to the government. Each company has pledged to spend 17 5,175 million.

Biotech can distribute its mRNA-based vaccine in partnership with Shanghai Fosan Pharmaceuticals, which was developed in China in partnership with Pfizer. Taiwan claims that the Chinese government blocked efforts to secure the supply of vaccines from biotech, and later refused to donate the vaccine from the mainland. However, with the new arrangement, Biotech and Fosen are being allowed to deal with private companies instead of the Taiwanese government, which Beijing considers illegal.

“Since we proposed the donation of the vaccine and started negotiations for the purchase, there was no guidance or intervention from Beijing in this regard,” Foxconn founder Terry Go said on Facebook. Said in a written comment. نکی. “We appreciate that this discussion was allowed as a business matter.

Foxconn is a large contract electronics manufacturer with large clients, including HP, Dell and Lenovo, and is known for being the largest iPhone agent. TSMC is the world’s largest semiconductor foundry, producing chips to the liking of AMD, Apple and Nvidia. It is responsible for the majority of smartphones worldwide. Most of Foxconn’s manufacturing is in China and other countries, but TSMC’s main operating base is in the Sanchu area of ​​Taiwan.

Taiwan’s response to the epidemic has been widely praised, but the epidemic is currently spreading, killing more than 700 people and hastening demand for the vaccine. Last week, the government said more than 14 percent of the population, or about 3.3 million people, had received a vaccine shot.

TSMC and Foxconn say the new biotech doses will be shipped from its factories in Germany and will begin arriving in Taiwan by the end of September.

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