Four unexpected heroes of the Astros game five wins

The Astros kept their hopes alive by defeating the Braves 9-5 in Game Five of the World Championships Sunday night. The Braves are now leading the series 3-2 as they move back to Houston for Game Six on Tuesday.

The bats came out alive for the first time since Game Two, and despite conceding a Grand Slam in the first half, pitching the Astros shut down the Braves afterwards to help them secure their first win in Atlanta. There are always players coming up in elimination games, but for the Astros, few of them were a little unexpected.

Zach Greenick, professional hitter.

Greinke wasn’t available to play on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t able to make an impact. The bowler, who is actually very good with the bat, entered the game as pinch hitter for loyalist Yimi Garcia in the fourth inning and immediately hit the base line pushing in the right field. Greinke is now 2-3 in the world championships.

Martin Maldonado on the plate.

The struggles of a defensive-minded catcher have been well documented in this post-season. But on Sunday night, old Maldonado was running 1-3 but hit three RBI’s including a rule-laden run that tied the game in the fifth. Maldy’s resurgence came at a critical time when the Astros needed him most.

Phil Mattoon

The pitcher of relief traded by Deadline Astros – a kid-faced man with the look of a serial killer – was stunning in two aimless rounds with no hits and three hits allowed. Adding somewhat under the radar, Mattoon has only given up one run in 10 appearances in this post-season, throwing 11 innings and writing off 13.

Alex Bergman, live.

The talented third starting man was practically missing for most of the post-season, but especially in the World Championships where he was only 1-14 coming into Game Five. After that first Grand Slam inning, Bergman helped the Astros respond with a double RBI and run. It was his only hit that night, but it was big for the team and for Bregman’s confidence to go forward.


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