HomeFour men from the Capital District compete in the World Axe Throwing Championships

Four men from the Capital District compete in the World Axe Throwing Championships

Albany, New York (News 10) – lazy ax In Albany he sends four archers to 2021 World Ax Throwing Championship Signarama (WATC) and the World Knife Throwing Championships (WKTC). They said only 128 bowlers from around the world made it to the tournament.

Gary Dieter, Richard Lane, Ben PoulterAnd Lazy Ax co-owner Mark Mirasoul will represent the metropolitan area, while Lazy Ax co-owner Christine Muller will represent Mirasol. He will serve on the Board of the World Axe Throwing Association and will be an officially approved referee for the competition.

There are four events: Hatchet Discipline, Big Ax Discipline, Duo Discipline, and the World Knife Throwing Championship. The prize pool is $50,000. The metropolitan area bowlers will compete for the following:

  • Dayter will participate in the Hatchet, Knife and Dual . tournaments
  • Paultre finished ninth in the world during the fall 2021 season to compete in the WKTC
  • Lane won the Fall 2021 Regional Dual Championships in Battle of the Axes with his partner, Jess Renner, a thrower from Columbus, Ohio, to participate in the Duals Championship
  • Mirasol is one of only 12 bowlers to qualify for all four events

A representative from The Lazy Ax said, “We are very excited to have such a high level of local talent from the metropolitan area, and we believe the local community will be delighted with the representation it will have on the world stage.” .

This is the second year in a row that Dieter and Mirasol have qualified for WATC. The tournament will be broadcast on ESPN.