Forza is getting a colorful, translucent controller for the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft unveiled a colorful new custom Xbox series X / S controller to celebrate. Forza Horizon 5. Her games during the 2021 Xbox Stream. Most of the controller translator is yellow, but it also has blue and pink accent colors, the front has a “paint splint”, pink buttons with blue letters and blue and pink control sticks. The controller also has a black grip that looks like a rubber texture, which will be different from the bumper structure used on other Series X controllers.

The new controller is priced at $ 74.99, an increase of 15 15 from the standard controllers of 59 59.99, but it also comes with something special. Forza Horizon 5. DLC You can pre-order it from the Microsoft online store, and it will be available on November 9th the same day. Forza Horizon 5..

Microsoft also shared a thrilling trailer showing the first eight minutes of the game, including several cars that got off the plane.

Microsoft has unveiled some new controller colors since the launch of the Series X / S last year, including a brilliant blue, a bright red, a neon green, and even a controller. Space Jam: A New Legacy. And if none of the currently available controllers are your style, you can design your own custom controller with the newly opened Xbox Design Lab.

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