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Fort Worth Stockyards Hopping on Labor Day Weekend – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Historic Fort Worth Stockyards attract thousands of tourists this Labor Day weekend with three rodeos, live music, and plenty of Western flavor.

“Taste of the West. We’ll take it,” said Coleen Dunn, a tourist from Boston.

A new section of Stockyards, known as Mule Alley, is taking off.

They’re shooting a movie on Exchange Avenue – Yellowstone: 1883.

“I think it’s fulfilling the direction it’s been going for 40 years,” said Stephen Morin, a longtime Stockyards developer who arrived on the scene in 1974 and is known as the unofficial mayor of Stockyards.

Maureen said, “My old deals have always been this isn’t Las Vegas and this isn’t Hollywood and this isn’t Disneyland. This is the Stockyards and this is our heritage.”

At one point, he said, the city talked about demolishing Stock Yards and replacing it with an industrial park.

But he and others had a vision.

“It just smells bad and doesn’t look good,” Maureen said. “I said, ‘We’re just going to have to raise Mad Dog’ base drink from Merlot and not change anything, you know.” ”

Repeat visitors will tell you that Stockyards has changed a lot.

“I loved all the things they did,” said Paula Rose, a frequent visitor from Tulsa.

Stockyards opened in 1887 after the railroad reached Fort Worth, and became a major shipping point for livestock.

Over four million heads passed in the late 19th century and swelled to become known as the “Wall Street of the West”.

“I’m proud of that,” Maureen said.


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