Former Twitch Streamer Ludwig’s YouTube stream was killed by a baby shark.

YouTube’s latest exclusive streamer, Ludwig Agrin, is already speaking out against copyright issues on the platform after he left Twitch to sign a special deal with a Google rival. That’s because she played the baby hit Baby Shark for a few seconds.

As Kotaku reported, Ahgarin himself was streaming live on YouTube when the series died suddenly. Argument, as he stated in a video a day later, because he stopped playing Baby Shark during his show.

“I was trying to watch the 50 most classic vintage biggest YouTube videos of all time to find out what is the single biggest YouTube video of all time … and along the way I came across Baby Just listen to the shark for a few seconds. I will not dare to listen for even a second for the love of God. “

Ahgren called the incident a “good note for the future” and said he now understood how powerful YouTube’s copyright system was. “It’s crazy that I’ve been banned from YouTube for the first four days and I’ve never been banned from Twitch in the first four years, but the pain is getting worse.”

Ahgren, who goes by his first name Ludwig, is the latest Twitch streamer to sign a special agreement with YouTube. Ludwig broke Twitch’s subscriber record earlier this year when it hosted a 31-day, non-stop stream. For a full month, Ludwig surpassed the previous most-subscribed Twitch Streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blues.

Ludwig is the latest streamer to sign up with YouTube exclusively, along with other famous names such as Valkyrae, DrLupo, and TimTheTatman.

Regardless of the platform, DMCA has become a major concern for take-down streamers. Copyright, and especially copyrighted music, can seriously affect the streamer’s career and channel, as multiple infringements result in permanent bans. Even video games with licensed soundtracks have begun to offer “streamer mode” which disables licensed music, for a weird effect.

Still, the lesson here is probably not to go to the baby shark field, because they will come for you.

Matt TM Kim is the news editor of IGN. You can reach it. lawoftd.

Correction: YouTube has stated that the Ludwig series was stopped due to “third party content” but that the streamer has not been suspended. The story goes that Ludwig resumed the series the next day, but we have modified the story to reflect the explanation.

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