Former Saif Boda executive Babajid Doroshola joined M Kopa to lead the expansion in Nigeria.

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Former Saif Boda executive Babajid Doroshola joined M Kopa to lead the expansion in Nigeria.

On June 18, Saif Boda, Nigeria’s former country head, Babajaid Droshula, resigned just two years after taking office after Andela..

Less than a month later, the executive found a new role as general manager at the Kenyan company, MCopa.. His appointment is in line with MK Kopa’s broader strategy, which includes going to Nigeria..

When Saif Boda hired Droshula in 2019, the Ugandan-based company was in the news for a near-expansion in Nigeria. To the company and to the general public, Lagos was the clear authority. But Doroshula and his ground team chose to stay away from one of Africa’s most viable tech ecosystems and launch in the neighboring city of Ibadan..

Although it Was considered A big risk, the gambler seems to have paid. While major ride-healing platforms such as Orgod, Max.eng, and Gokada have completely halted their operations in the state following a ride-related ban, Saif Boda has made progress in Ibadan.. By the time Doroshula left the company, it had carried 5,000 drivers and completed more than 1.5 million rides throughout the year..

Saif Boda operates an asset financing model while offering his riders smartphones. M. Copa has used T.Its concept and its since its inception He played a key role in Drushola’s decision to join the company.

“Part of the thing that makes me excited about riding is the credit space. I like to ask people questions to increase their credit and help them build digital maps.. That’s why M-KOPA looked so attractive, “Droshula told TechCrunch.

The Copa began ten years ago in Kenya. Company known as So that you (PAYG) start the solar market as the largest payment in the country. Over the years, MCopa has expanded its offerings to include television, refrigerators, other electronic devices and financial services to Kenyan and Ugandan consumers.. As you go through the pay-as-you-go financing model, customers can build property over time by making early Friday payments and making flexible and affordable micro-payments..

To date, MCopa has sold more than 1 million PAG solar systems and provided cing 400 million financial support to millions of customers, while raising over 180 million in equity and debt.. Last year, the company partnered with Safari Com and Samsung to add smartphone funding to its offerings in Kenya..

According to a GSMA report, mobile technologies and services generated 9% of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP in 2019, representing an economic value of approximately 15 155 billion.. And when you think about it, smartphones is used More than just the solar system in people’s daily lives, so it’s no surprise that MCopa has already sold 500,000 smartphones, half the unit solar system has managed over a ten-year period.

Earlier this year, MCopa conducted a pilot test in the Nigerian market, offering consumers the option of financing its solar system and smartphones.. Smartphone financing increased as MCopa sold more than 20,000 devices in its first market in Lagos. The company considered it a success, and Droshola’s appointment is seen as a condition Rapid scaling of offer in Nigeria.

“We are consciously looking for the right person with a strong track record and people with an in-depth knowledge of Nigeria’s tech community as we expand our country’s operations. And this milestone is Babajid. “We are consistent with the appointment because when we see growth and expansion into new territories,” Mewar Patel, CCO of MCopa, told TechCrunch in an email.

MCopa is now available in both Lagos and Oviedo after spreading to the end of last month. Just like in Kenya, M Kopa partnered with Samsung, but a different mobile network operator at Airtel, to make its smartphone financing accessible to Nigerian customers.

According to Patel, both Nokia and Samsung offer their customers entry and mid-range handsets at different prices.. He argues that the first priority of continental MNOs is to convert 2G / 3G network users to 4G. According to him, MCopa has tried to overcome the challenge of overcoming 4G devices in Nigeria as 75% of its users own 4G smartphones for the first time..

“Our partnership with these two OEMs has offered M-KOPA affordable ownership of standard 4G smartphones for underprivileged customers, which would otherwise have been excluded because of their credit history,” he said. Or not a paid income. “.

In Nigeria, MCopa deals with various products in the Samsung A series (A02, A12, A22, A32) for-80- $ 250 (₦ 40,000 to ، 125,000). The company plans to add more devices and handset manufacturers, but the COO does not say when.. In Kenya and Uganda, however, MCopa has sold Nokia phones in addition to the Samsung product.

Although MCopa focuses on smartphone financing in the West African country, Dushuwala wants to reflect that in Kenya’s M-Copa customers in Nigeria (where products other than smartphones are sold).. He believes that over time, this will help shape his credit history and qualifications.

The Kenyan company is currently recruiting for engineering roles in Nigeria and globally as part of its expansion plans.. Doroshula will lead the charge in Nigeria in which his status can be described The third round of scaling African beginnings in the country. There seems to be a knock on it. Reviewing our conversation, one of the most promising hopes of the General Manager is that he can participate in a market where the KPAG model outside the solar system has had relatively low success.

“What else is my vision as a person? Really as usually Running me in a normal day means helping Africans on a scale of startups and becoming the person who helps build, organize, get to the point where they can think about their business strategy and How can they go to Nigerian place? What I’m looking for in a MCupa is a whole credit machine. I want it to become a household name in the Nigerian marketplace where people think of MCopa when it comes to paying for everyday use.

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