Former Idaho Representative Aaron von Illinger in prison on rape charges after being extradited from Georgia

A former Republican lawmaker from Idaho has been jailed on rape charges after being arrested September 25 at an Atlanta airport.

Aaron von Illinger, who was elected to the Idaho House of Representatives, was extradited from Georgia and booked into Ada County Jail Friday after felony charges of rape and forced penetration with a foreign body.

Police issued an arrest warrant for von Illinger on September 9, but he was out of the country on what he said was a pre-planned trip to Central America. As a result, he was considered a fugitive.

Von Illinger, 39, resigned from his post in April after the Legislative Ethics Committee said he should be formally reprimanded and suspended from office as the investigation into the allegations continues.

Former Idaho Representative Aaron von Ellinger, left, R. Lewiston sits next to his attorney Edward Dendinger, center, and Idaho Deputy Attorney General Emma Nowake before the Legislative Ethics Committee on April 28. Von Illinger faces two criminal charges related to sexual assault.
Rebecca Boone / AP Photo

The young woman told Assistant Sgt. Arms Kim Blackburn that von Illinger took her back to his residence to pick up something he said he had forgotten, but as soon as they entered, he picked her up and took her to his bedroom.

Forced to sleep on the bed, she said von Illinger began kissing, touching, and undressing her without her consent. She told the police that she had rejected him, repeatedly telling him “No”. The woman also said that she feared rejection more strongly because she believed the actor always had a gun.

Von Ehlinger says the meeting was consensual.

After forcing the intern to testify at the House ethics meeting, the committee voted unanimously to suspend von Illinger and formally censure him. He resigned before they could vote on the proposal.

The group was not investigating whether von Illinger had committed a crime but whether his behavior was “unbecoming of a member of the House of Representatives”.

former deputy.  Aaron von Illinger
Former Idaho Representative Aaron von Illinger was booked into the Ada County Jail Friday, October 8 after being extradited from Georgia. Von Illinger faces two criminal charges related to sexual assault.
Ada County Sheriff’s Office

At the time, von Illinger said he did not believe it was inappropriate to follow up on appointments with House staff because there are no written rules preventing this. Several colleagues have also reported warning the politician not to get along with fellow employees in the past.

“I thought if anyone had a problem with it, they would let me know,” von Illinger said. The order will be closed, [similar to when] The employee who emailed me, to let me know that she is married.”

At that time, the Boys family was police The administration was investigating the report but von Illinger was not charged.

“This episode is embarrassing to me,” Ellinger said in a statement before his arrest. “I have not violated any laws or legislative rules, nor have I violated notions of appropriate social behavior.”

If you have been sexually assaulted, confidential help is available for free on the National Sexual Assault Hotline. a call 4673-656-800-1. The line is available 24 hours every day.

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