Former Deputy Sheriff Broward’s Office Sentenced for Fraud Overtime

When it comes to stopping police funding, perhaps no one has been more successful than Deputy Broward Sheriff (BSO) Louis Silberberg, who cheated the agency out of more than $15,000 by claiming he worked a full day on 57 different occasions despite records. This indicates that he was either at home or was only working part of his shift.

Silberberg, who has worked at BSO since 2006, was Arrested in July 2020 for forging overtime forms On numerous occasions he lied dozens of times about working full shifts when records showed he didn’t. He was suspended and later resigned from the BSO in February 2021.

Court records show that Silberberg did not contest any dispute and was sentenced to one year in prison on October 20. He also agreed to hand over $15,541 in compensation — the amount he paid in full.

The disgraced officer was charged with official misconduct, organized fraud and third-degree grand theft; That last shipment was reduced to a petty theft. (In Florida, petty theft is id for property theft of less than $750).

While working as a deputy in the theft unit, Silberberg earned $47,342 in overtime in 2019 in addition to his $97,940 salary, according to sun guard.

At the time, Silberberg was living in Cutler Bay, about 55 miles from BSO’s headquarters in Fort Lauderdale.

BSO began investigating Silberberg in early 2019 After the FBI asked the agency to help look into Silberberg’s case in an unrelated case.

BSO He refused to disclose details From the FBI investigation at the time of his arrest, but Silberberg’s arrest warrant shows that the FBI and the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) suspect he is involved with a drug smuggling group in the Caribbean and Miami:

During the briefing, FBI Special Agents (SA) and Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force (TFO) officers advised that they are currently investigating a drug trafficking organization (DTO) operating in the Caribbean and Miami Area of ​​Operations (AOR). As a result of their investigations, the SA and the TFO have reported that they have reason to believe that BSO Deputy Luis Silberberg, CNN 14881, was involved in the aforementioned DTO.

Silberberg phone number [redacted] It was queried in the FBI and DEA databases and found to be in contact with several well-known drug partners of the aforementioned DTO.

At the conclusion of the briefing, the FBI and DEA requested the assistance of the BSO PCU in connection with the investigation and surveillance with Deputy Louis Silberberg. At that time, BSO PCU investigators decided to conduct random surveillance on Silberberg as more information was received in reference to the federal investigation.

Silberberg’s phone number, the arrest warrant notes, was found to have been in contact with the organization’s “several known drug accomplices” and queried in FBI and DEA databases.

It is unclear whether the FBI is still investigating Silberberg. The BSO declined to answer questions about the federal investigation, citing inquiries to federal agencies. The FBI refused to confirm any information about the investigation.

FBI spokesman James Marshall wrote in an email to the new era.

Silberberg also made headlines for Tweets He published several years after being hired by BSO.

A Twitter account under the name Silberberg with the profile picture of the “thin blue line” logo shows a series of tweets from April to May of 2009, including a reference to the “Broward County terror”.

Silberberg did not respond to the new era’ Comment requests.


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