Ford has begun testing the electric Mustang Mach E as a police car

The Ford Mustang Mach-E Heading to the police academy…for cars.

Ford is sending one of its all-electric SUVs to Michigan State Police Annual Vehicle Evaluation This weekend let’s see how it fits in with the volume of conventional cars and trucks currently available to law enforcement.

The system tests vehicle performance across a variety of disciplines, including braking, acceleration and turning on a Grattan Raceway track and is used as a benchmark by police forces across the country.

The Ford F-150 Police Transponder It is currently the fastest straight-line vehicle, and the Ford Explorer-based Interceptor Utility is the fastest around the track.

Fox News Car Ratings: FORD MUSTANG MACH-E

The Mach-E being dispatched is a high-performance GT equipped with optional Performance Edition brakes and wheels that didn’t receive any law enforcement upgrades like reinforced suspension or heavy-duty wheels and tires, but Ford does. make suggestions Interesting sections will customize Mach-E on their own and will use the data to inform the development of a potential dash pack at the factory.


Ann Arbor, Michigan, currently uses two Mach-Es as community awareness vehicles and detective vehicles, but not as patrol or chase vehicles, while Several departments in the UK I also began testing Mach-E as a means of law enforcement.

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