Ford and Argo AI will deliver your Walmart order in an independent car.

Autonomous delivery on deck.


Citizens of Austin, Miami and Washington DC can get Walmart’s next order from their autonomous car. On Wednesday, Ford and its self-driving technology partner Argo AI announced a new final mail delivery service with Walmart. The three companies will launch the service as a pilot program in three cities as each seeks to step up with such emerging operations.

For Walmart, it gets the experience of delivering items faster with the last mail system. Ford and Argo AI gained significant real-world experience with the carmaker’s hardware and Argo AI’s self-driving software. Lastly, every company wants to build a truly autonomous delivery operation where customers place orders and receive their items quickly and efficiently on the same day. Ford and Argo AI already. Worked with Walmart in the past., And the automaker is also busy testing. Autonomous cars with left. In Miami.

The companies did not provide much detail about the program’s nuts and bolts, but service areas will be specified for Walmart customers to use autonomous delivery. Grocery and other popular items that are often ordered online will be available, but it looks like you won’t be stuck with one of these pieces of furniture. Escape-based self-driving car prototypes.. The program will begin later this year and the operating zones in each city will expand over time.

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