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(CBS Pittsburgh) – No one seems to want to win the North Asian title. The Baltimore Ravens were closed out by the Miami Dolphins in Week 10. The Pittsburgh Steelers faltered with a tie with the (still) winless Detroit Lions. The New England Patriots dominated the Cleveland Browns. Only the Cincinnati Bengals have an excuse, they get a week off. But their performances in the previous two weeks were not very promising.

This week the four teams have a chance to make their case once again in the wide open division. Humble black brown hosts. Crows meet Chicago Bears. The Bengals draw the Las Vegas Raiders. The Steelers head to Los Angeles to play Charger.

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sports line‘s Larry Hartstein Breaks down AFC North matches in Week 11.

All times mentioned are oriental.

Detroit Lions @ Cleveland Browns, Sunday, November 21, 1:00 p.m.

Some speculated that the Cleveland Browns would be a competitor in North Asia. And while that might work, little about their performance so far inspires a lot of confidence. They have lost to good teams and overtaken mediocre and bad teams. The Bengals’ ninth week blast is really the only exception to this pattern. Last week, they were dominated by the New England Patriots and rookie player Mac Jones.

Injuries and distraction by Odell Beckham Jr. didn’t help. But the first is the mid-season problem that many teams face. According to Hartstein, “Although Baker Mayfield has a knee injury, a shoulder injury and another injury that I don’t remember yet, he’s expected to start. Hopefully Nick Chubb will be back from the COVID roster. That will be a huge boost to the attack. But Donovan Peoples-Jones, who started Basically now that OBJ is out of town, he’s out limping with an injury on Wednesday. So you have to keep an eye on his condition because of Brown’s offense.”

Mayfield’s availability, of course, does not guarantee that Browns’ offense will appear. Brown put up only seven points in the Patriots game, of which he played a part. And Keenum’s health status isn’t necessarily a better option. Kareem Hunt is still an injured reserve, and Nick Chubb may not play either. D’Ernest Johnson has proven capable of filling a fill, averaging over five yards per load when he gets a good chunk of the load. He must feed on the Lions’ defense that gives up 135.7 yards per game on the ground.

The Lions may be happy that they finally haven’t lost a match. But that does not mean winning, of course. Detroit tied with Pittsburgh, who was playing without quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. And like the rest of the season, it wasn’t quite as pretty. But there were some bright spots. D’Andre Swift ran for 130 yards on 33 gigs, more than one yard Jared Goff threw for. Gauff is most likely to sit at week 11 with a tilt injury.

“Detroit will probably be without Jared Goff,” Bell noted. And they’re not going to start second-placed quarterback David Plouffe. Are they tanks? What are they doing? Tim Boyle, a no-spun from eastern Kentucky, has been at the Packers for three years. It looks like he’s going to start, and we’re seeing the market reaction. That number all along Way out of 10, given 11.5 or 12 for Brown. Putting that kind of number, even against a little-known midfielder, is a bit of an exaggeration in terms of how offensively Brown’s side should perform.”

Baltimore Ravens @ Chicago Bears, Sunday, November 21 at 1:00 p.m. on CBS

The Ravens, 6-3, still sit atop the chaotic AFC North, but lose to the Miami Dolphins. Lamar Jackson continues to play at a level he deserves as a top player, albeit with the help of his teammates. At times, he seemed to lead the team to victory on his shoulders. Jackson can’t do it all though.

The Ravens’ defense, in particular, hasn’t lived up to the high standards he’s set in past seasons. They contained a hasty attack by an extraordinary dolphin last week, but Jacobi Brissett and Tua Tagoviloa combined for 314 yards in the air. The defense also failed to return the ball to the able hands of Jackson late in the last quarter after reducing the difference to five. Two weeks before Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals were allowed to accumulate 416 yards and pass three touchdowns in a blast loss. A strong unit usually sheds its worst 283.3 yards per game in the NFL.

They then head to Chicago to face the Bears and young quarterback Justin Fields. The Bears entered their farewell week after losing four in a row and essentially keeping themselves out of the fray at the NFC North. But there were some pluses. Fields, while not the straight savior that fans might hope for, is making headway. His Week 9 – 17-29 showing for 291 yards, one TD and INT – might be his best of the season so far.

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According to Hartstein, “They looked really good and competitive in that game in Pittsburgh.” “Justin Fields is starting to come up against a Ravens defense that has given up a lot of big plays and only forced seven turnovers this whole season – five interceptions and two have recovered. They are minus five in turnover teams. Usually that team is the extra margin on turnovers. So there is a lot more. A point to make. And the one issue you always have to check is Lamar Jackson’s condition. On Wednesday, he came out with a non-COVID illness. Most likely he’ll be fine and play. But for now, if I had to choose, I’d take the bears. But even Now. Just stay away.”

Cincinnati Bengals @ Las Vegas Raiders, Sunday, November 21 at 4:05 p.m. on CBS

Bengals, like bears, also come to meet. And this week far away wouldn’t have come soon enough. In the previous two games, they allowed 34 points for the New York Jets 2-7 and 41 points for the struggling Browns.

“I think they’re going to make some changes defensively,” Hartstein speculated. “Eli Apple gave up playing big after playing big, he might be out of the starting lineup.”

But will that be enough to keep pace with the raiders and keep competitive in North Asia? “They have a horrific history coming out of bye, five losses in a row, most of them blown away,” Hartstein noted. “This has been an important topic at the Bengals camp this week. They are very determined to stop that streak. And I think they have the right game against this Raiders.”

The Raiders are trying to recover from the heavy loss of the Kansas City Chiefs. And although the Chiefs have had their own problems this season, they are still the Asian champions, with an attack capable of putting a lot of points in a hurry. Mahomes showed that in Week 9, going 35-50 for 406 yards and five touchdowns.

“We’ve seen what the presidents have done with these secondary raiders,” Hartstein said. “Then you look at the Bengals, with Ja’Marr Chase and all the guns Joe Burrow has. I think it’s a good place for the Bengals.”

Burrow also recognized some of the potential that excited Bengals fans before his injury last season. Only the addition of a Ja’Marr Chase wide receiver has helped. Chase is fifth in the NFL in terms of receiving yards, accumulating 835 yards so far. He should be able to add to that this week.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Los Angeles Chargers, Sunday, November 21, 8:20 p.m.

The Steelers and Chargers are both second in their divisions in this match. With so much attacking talent to watch, Hartstein sees the Steelers’ return to Nagy Harris as the man to watch.

“Really the key is Survivor Harris,” said Hartstein. “He’s facing the worst defense in all of football and we know Pittsburgh wants him to touch the ball 25-30 times a game, and they’re running that kid to the ground. But this is a perfect week for him to dominate the chargers.”

For the Chargers, sophomore Justin Herbert struggled last week against Minnesota as he completed just 58.8% of his passes and scored less than 200 yards in the air for only the second time this season. He’ll be under heavy pressure this week against the Steelers D who are currently sixth in the NFL against the pass.

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