Fitbit’s new Charge 5 is practically a smartwatch – review Geek.


FitBit has just announced Charge 5, a fitness band with a full color display and many features that were once exclusive to FitBit smartwatches. And as Lex suggests, Fit Butt Charge 5 is using the fitness band to debut its Daily Readiness, a new premium feature that suggests exercise based on your activity, sleep and heart rate. ۔

The two salient features of the Charge 5 are its new ECG and EDA sensors, which monitor heart health and stress. Both of these sensors are carried by Fitbit Sense, and like this smartwatch, the new Charge 5 fitness band can guide you through stress reduction sessions if you feel too hot.

A new always-on color AMOLED display with touch and gesture control replaces the boring old screen we saw in the Charge 4 fitness tracker. Fitbit also managed to make the new Charge 5 10% thinner than its predecessor, which is surprisingly 7 days of battery life.

Photos from the Fitbit app show daily preparation scores and suggest moderate exercise.

All Fitbit Charge 5 fitness bands come with a 6 month Fitbit Premium, a service that includes guided exercise and other cool benefits. Of course, Fitbit is only offering premium subscriptions to help promote its new Daily Radiation feature. Premium members receive a Daily Readiness Score for reviewing their health and activity as well as looking for exercise recommendations. For example, if you haven’t slept for a few days, a daily preparation might suggest a short yoga session.

And of course, Charge 5 includes all the features of its predecessor, the Charge 4 fitness band. This means GPS, Blood Oxygen Sensors, Activity Tracking, Sleep Tracking, and Spotify Control.

You can now pre-order the Charge 5 fitness band for 6 180 with a 6 month Fitbit premium. The fitness band comes in white, black and blue in late September.

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