Fine’s new smart water sensor can protect you from ruptured pipes – check out Geek.


With winter approaching, it’s time to look at the frozen and cracked pipes. That’s why Phyn is launching an upgraded, second-generation version of its Phyn Plus smart water sensor. This new sensor can detect leaks, measure water usage, and automatically shut off your water in an emergency. Oh, and it’s $ 200 cheaper than the original model!

For just $ 500, the new Phyn Plus is a direct competitor to Moen Flo. It measures water pressure to intelligently track water usage, and can also identify which fixtures or devices are active in your home. In addition, Phyn Plus can alert you to potential leakage or plumbing problems, and even shut off your water in the event of a catastrophic leak or pipe burst.

But like most smart water sensors, Phyn Plus can be a little tricky to install. You need to keep it on your main water line, which means cutting and soldering some very important pipes. Also, you need to extend a power cable to the Phyn Plus – quite a challenge! I recommend hiring a plumber to do this.

You can order a second gen Phyn Plus on Phyn’s website for just $ 400. Keep in mind that your utility provider may offer discounts for Phyn Plus and other leak detection smart water sensors.

Source: Phyn

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