Finding the ‘key’ in your apartment building

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Finding the ‘key’ in your apartment building

Amazon is tired of the doorbell ringing.

Online shopping companies are urging landlords across the country – sometimes with financial incentives – to enable their drivers to automatically unlock apartment building doors via a mobile device.

Called a key business, the service is a way to reduce stolen packages, making it easier to leave them in the lobby rather than outside. Amazon benefits because it enables delivery workers to accelerate their delivery. And less stolen packages reduce costs and give Amazon an edge over competitors.

People who have installed this device say that it reduces the constant resonance from the transmitters and is a safe alternative to transmit to many people.

But the Amazon program, first announced in 2018, could raise security and privacy concerns as it leaks. The company said it checks the backgrounds of delivery people and can open doors when they have a package in hand to scan. But tenants may not know that Amazon drivers have access to the front doors of their building, as Amazon leaves the building to notify them.

Privacy researcher Ashkan Sultani, a senior tech adviser to former President Barack Obama, said any device connected to the Internet, including Amazon, could be hacked, and bad actors could try to open doors.

“You’re basically introducing a device connected to a foreign Internet to another internal network,” said Sultani, a former chief technologist at the Federal Trade Commission.

A blue sticker with the Amazon logo "The key to business" Appears on booster system in an apartment building.
Amazon is pushing for the installation of a device on the Boozer system in apartment buildings across the country that allows its delivery drivers to hide the phone, tap buttons and open the front doors of the building whenever they want. The package needs to be dropped instead of dropped in the lobby. Alley.

Amazon did not respond to questions about possible hacking.

The company has already installed the device in thousands of US apartment buildings but refused to give specific numbers. It sometimes leaves a hint, a round sticker with the Amazon smile logo on the gums where the device is installed. On a New York City street, the sticker was on three of the 11 buildings. In another neighborhood, two of the seven buildings had stickers.

Amazon sellers are raising their voices in cities across the country to urge people to knock on doors, make cold calls or install building devices on the street. The company has even partnered with local lock makers to put pressure on building managers to fix locks. Amazon installs the device for free and sometimes puts $ 100 into an Amazon gift card for whatever it allows.

Sultani said he learned about Kelly for Business when he was approached in April by two Amazon salesmen who wanted access to the building where he lived in Oakland, California. Building management rejected, and no device installed.

Amazon sign and logo seen on the exterior of an Amazon distribution center
Amazon has already installed its key business device in thousands of US apartment buildings.
AFP via Getty Images

Amazon had a good time with Canton Jarrard. Jarrard, a Chicago homeowner, agreed to install the device in four of his buildings to reduce package theft, which was getting so bad that he was considering building a package dropbox outside.

Gerard spoke about the Amazon device.

Currently, the US Postal Service only has one way to enter apartment buildings to receive mailboxes. UPS says it has tried a way for its workers to enter buildings without talking about tenants, in which they teamed up with SmartLock Company in 2018. But the test was over, and UPS refused to accept it. The company says that if consumers are not at home, they can deliver their packages to nearby grocery stores, dry cleaners or flowers.

FedEx declined to comment on the story.

A US Postal Service mail carrier loading its truck
Currently, only the US Postal Service has a way to enter apartment buildings to receive mailboxes, but Amazon wants its drivers to have similar access to buildings.
AFP via Getty Images

Amazon has wanted to go through the front door for years. In 2017, it introduced a way for buyers to let delivery people come to their home when they were not there and drop off the package at the foyer. Walmart did the same shortly afterwards, but its delivery people stocked the fridge with groceries. Amazon and Walmart do not say how many people are using the service, but both have recently expanded it to more cities.

In 2018, Amazon set its sights on apartment buildings, launched a key business and installed the device in the progress of big landlords by signing up. But the process seems to have accelerated over the past year or so, with Amazon deploying vendors across the country. Recent job postings in Miami and San Antonio say Amazon can earn between 000 3,000 and 11 11,000 a month in sales bonuses and commissions. Amazon will not say how much it is spending on the effort.

Not all Amazon packages are available through front doors. According to shopping data firm Roctin Intelligence, the company provides about 60% of its own packages. The rest comes from other delivery companies that can’t let themselves in.

The Amazon delivery man delivers a package in an apartment building
Analysts say the key business device could save Amazon money, as workers could drop more packages during shifts and offer lower refunds to those whose packages were stolen. ۔
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Robert H. of the University of Maryland. Philip T. Avers, a logistics professor at the Smith School of Business, said Amazon’s desire to include the device in as many buildings as possible could be a way to deter competitors.

“The landlord may say, ‘You know, I’ll do it for a company, but we may not want it for every delivery company out there.’ He added that Amazon could also look for other uses for the services, such as people picking up returns left in the lobby instead of bouncing buyers to the post office in delivery. Amazon declined to share any future plans. ۔

Jason Goldberg, chief commerce strategy officer at marketing company Publis Communications, said the device could save Amazon money, as workers could drop more packages during shifts and those whose packages were stolen were offered a lower refund You may have to inhale.

Amazon Prime delivery van outside an apartment building
Amazon is not disclosing how much it is spending on efforts to expand its key business program.
Education Images / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

They heard about the program in December, when a lock replacing the market system in a complaining condo building offered to install Amazon Q for Business for free. Goldberg, which helps manage the building, later allowed Amazon salespeople – by dangling the Amazon 100 Amazon gift card – to install the device.

“They give it away for free because it benefits Amazon more than we do,” Goldberg said.


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