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(WSVN) – Bought a volume in an online auction. When he opened the door, he found a motorbike… But when he discovered the storeroom, they said he had to return the bike. That’s why he called Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

Talk about a string of bad luck.

Juan Cedeno: “They had to do surgery on my right knee, and then I had surgery on my back.”

Juan was not through to meet doctors and nurses in the operating room.

Juan Cedeno: “Two years ago, I had a car accident and spoiled my back again. I have two surgeries in the same place.”

Injuries killed his career as a mechanic, so Juan turned to food delivery, and that dark cloud followed.

Juan Cedeno: “The deliveries are getting worse. They are paying less and less, and people don’t tip anymore.”

Then, Juan was watching one of those shows where you buy an abandoned storage unit, unseen.

Juan decided to try his luck, went online, made some bids and finally got lucky.

Juan Cedeno: “The girl in the storage place,” This is lucky 7. “777 is the unit number.”

Joan’s winning bid was $1.07.

When he opened the unit, this is what he saw: From the front, a lot of scrap.

Then he went back.

Juan Cedeno: “And I found this motorcycle there.”

Yamaha motorcycle.

Patrick Fraser: “It definitely needs some work.”

Juan Cedeno: “A lot of work.”

I had an accident that Juan can fix.

But first, he needed to get the title. Contact the warehouse to obtain the name of the owner who gave up the unit.

Juan Cedeno: “They say: No, no, no, you can’t keep the motorcycle. The motorcycle is ours. You have to give it back.”

Patrick Fraser: “Wait a minute. I thought everything I bought there was yours.”

Juan Cedeno: “That’s what I think.”

Joanne said the employee at the storage facility said he needed to return the bike to the Palm Beach County building.

Juan Sedno: “Wait, you have to pay me for transportation and storage. Since you charge people for storage, I can charge you for storage too, and transportation was not free,” and they said, “No, we pay you nothing.”

Juan thought he was lucky when he got the motorcycle at a storage auction for $1.07.

Juan Cedeno: “I feel bad.”

But now he is told, “You can have everything, except for the motorcycle.”

Juan Sedno: “You have the right to take out the trash, but not the good things you find there. If you find something of value, we keep it. If you find the trash, you take it.”

Well, Howard, does Juan have to return the motorcycle?

Howard Finkelstein, legal expert at 7News: “No. When you buy a storage unit with all the contents, it’s yours. The exception is a motor vehicle or a watercraft with an administrative stop or reservation at the address. In this case, you have to make it clear to keep the vehicle.”

I started digging, and Juan’s luck was even worse.

The Department of Motor Vehicles told me that Boynton Beach Police put the administrative stop at the address.

I called the police spokesperson, who said that, in 2019, the motorbike theft was reported.

Howard, what does that mean for Juan?

Howard Finkelstein: “You can’t get a clear address for a stolen motorcycle, and the police might want to return the bike to the original owner, or they might say, ‘It’s an old case,’ and they’ll pull the administrative stop, which is Joan’s bike.”

The police told Juan that they would come to get the motorcycle. He thought he was lucky in the auction, but not this time.

Juan Sedno: “This is unfair, but the law is the law. I must obey the law and follow the rules.”

Juan could have stripped down that motorcycle and sold it for parts, but he’s an honest guy. Hopefully the next volume he buys is a goldmine for him. he deserves it.

In case you were wondering, the storage facility just didn’t do its job. They’re supposed to remove the motorized vehicles to avoid problems like this, and if Juan paid too much for this unit, they might have to return his money, but he offered $1.07, and it wasn’t worth the hassle to get it back.

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