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Find one of the best happy hours in Denver at Dio Mio

The key to a great happy hour is the magical combination of hard drinks at a price that you won’t regret going out on a weeknight paired with food specials and an ambiance that will make you forget all your daily struggles at work. There are plenty of options in and around Denver, but we aim to find the best happy hours around. in a Oh my God Happy hour may be short, but it’s sweet, too.

what or what: Oh my God

where: 3264 Larimer Street

when: Happy hour is from 5 to 6 pm from Monday to Thursday

Deal: Choose from a menu of three $5 entrees and two $11 pastas; two glasses for $8 of house red or white wine; Weekly Signature Cocktail or Dio Negroni for $8; $3 beer

for further information: visit diomiopasta.com

Place: RiNo is one of the best areas in Denver to go out to eat. It’s full of bars, breweries, distilleries, and restaurants, including a couple of Italian restaurants, yet there’s nothing quite like Alex Figura and Spencer White’s Dio Mio. The concept is informal, so guests order at the counter and there is no traditional waiter service. Because of this form, the goods come quickly, which is beneficial because the happy hour does not exceed one hour. Arrived as early as 5pm and you should be able to get several rounds of orders (there is often a wait by 6pm).

Dio Mio is also a vibrant and full of energy place from the moment it opens. Inside, there are tables for two and four people to dine in, as well as high-class tables for the community. And while the weather is steady, outdoor picnic tables are also available.

On a recent visit, our table near the kitchen had the advantage of picking up an expected episode of CNN Stanley Tucci: The Search for Italy. While wandering a region of Italy, we watched pasta being made fresh in the open kitchen while eating after a bite of our plates.

What to ask: Simply put, you have to order all five options on the happy hour menu – and double that if your party is more than two. Everything was executed and filled perfectly, making dinner an afterthought.

For $5 (all the time), get the Elevation salami. Thinly sliced ​​bacon is topped with chopped Castelvetrano olives, mashed bits of apricot and a mixture of crunchy seeds that give each piece texture. Two large slices of tangy grilled sourdough topped with whipped ricotta cheese, topped with fifteen-year-old balsamic vinegar and stacked with delicious prosciutto is also $5 (usually $14, which makes it an unbeatable bargain). Roughly the $5 menu is artichokes, the only vegetable you’ll see, which comes dipped in black butter with orange slices, croutons, and green olive sauce (usually $9).

Then there are two pastas. The first is the Casio e Pepe, which has become a staple in Dio Mio. The classic dish is rich in pepper. Here, you get a boost of fun thanks to freshly garnished Mafalda pasta, which looks like mini lasagna noodles, and a generous sprinkle of pink pepper. Get the spaghetti too, another standard that features traditional red sauce and lots of Parmesan. Both of these pastas, $14 on the regular menu, only cost $11 during happy hour.

For drinking, wine is perfect with all dishes, red or white, and you get two glasses for $8. Yes, it is possible to share, but the glasses are small, so the chances of you needing two are high. The weekly cocktail changes regularly, but it always costs $8 during happy hour. Or choose Dio Negroni for $8 (usually $12), which is made with gin, a red savory and sweet vermouth. Finally, beer lovers can get a cold High Hops Brewery ale for $3 (regularly $5).

Although this happy hour is short, it’s okay to fill the table with food and drink and spend an extra hour after it’s over hanging out, stuffing your face with carbs and drinking with friends. Maybe you will watch the whole episode of search for italy And be inspired to order more pasta for the table, whether it’s happy hour or not.


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