The great Benjamin Franklin said Time is Money!

And, we understand how important time is for YOU, your WooStore, and your Customers. 

So, to ensure you save time and convert customers quickly, we recently rolled out a powerful v6.4.4 update for our WISDM Product Enquiry Pro plugin.

Ready to uncover the NEW FEATURES?

*Drum Rolls*

Save Time with Easy Search Options for Inquiries & Quotations!

That’s right.

With this latest feature, you’ll be able to skip scrolling through tons of Quotations and Inquiries to find that ONE Quotation or Inquiry you want within seconds.

You can quickly look up the needed client Quotations by simply searching with:


This is as easy as it gets ??

You’ll find this feature extremely helpful especially when you’re dealing with big-ticket customers or large quotations.

Not only will it save you loads of time but will also enable you to instantly reply to your client Quotations. This also eliminates your risk of losing out on potential wholesalers or large businesses. Plus, the easy search options will help you initiate negotiations quickly thereby, speeding up the conversion process.

And, if you thought that was it? Well, guess what!

There’s more! *Ta-da!*

Apart from this, the update also helps you navigate easily making your dashboard extremely intuitive to use.

However, if at all, you run into any trouble or face difficulties with the plugin, you can simply:

All of this coupled with an intuitive dashboard makes the WISDM Product Enquiry Pro – Better and Smarter.

But, hey, there’s more to add to your joy since there’s…..

More Functionality Updates!

So, besides the new features, we’ve also made a much-awaited improvement to the plugin.

With this improvement, you can now:

If you want to add variations, you can also do so by searching for names instead of ids on the edit Enquiry page. This will make things more convenient for you.

With that being said, our goal has always been to constantly improve the experience for you and ensure all the issues are resolved in time.

Minor bug fixes resolved

In addition to the update, we’ve also fixed some minor bugs like activating the plugin without WooCommerce, the structure of the Inquiry Cart table, etc.

These bug fixes will ensure the hassle-free functioning of the plugin for you.

And, to view all the fixes, you can check out the entire list here.

Hit the Update button now!

We’re already overwhelmed and ecstatic with the feedback we’ve received on the latest updates ??.

Lots of our clients are telling us that ‘this update has made WISDM Product Enquiry Pro the easiest to use’.

And, we can’t wait for you to experience the intuitiveness, convenience, and ease, the latest update v6.4.4 for the WISDM Product Enquiry Pro has for you.

So, hit the update button and get to it already!

And, in case of any queries or doubts, feel free to hit us up in the comments section below 🙂

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