Final Fantasy XIV Boss Nokia Yoshida Address Server Problems

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Final Fantasy XIV Boss Nokia Yoshida Address Server Problems

Final Fantasy XIV A large party of characters is ready for battle.

Screenshot: Square Enix

The ultimate fantasy Server congestion has long been a major problem for Player Base, and you might not be surprised to learn that the penalties, in part, are the difficulties posed by the Covid-19 epidemic.

In a ___ Long blog Published this morning, The ultimate fantasy Director Nooki Yoshida admitted that in the long wait times of players, when they try to log into the widely popular MMO along with The steps his team is taking to alleviate the congestion. And while Kicking useless players Believe it or not, cold sores are just one part of the problem that won’t go away overnight.

Yoshida goes on to explain The ultimate fantasy Data centers in North America saw a significant boost in their performance on July 16, which increased the number of simultaneous logs to 18,000, but that wasn’t enough to stop the waiting hours next weekend. ۔ In the “immediate future” there are plans for a few major server upgrades for European data centers.

Yoshida added, “The team is currently working hard to improve existing servers in a small amount, in an effort to increase caps, and to make constant adjustments and improvements while maintaining the stability of the game.” Will

Thus, like everything these days, however, the state of the world is not doing it The ultimate fantasy No favors. According to Yoshida, the epidemic of Covid 19 caused two major obstacles in the way of Square Enix.

First, the ongoing chip shortage due to the “extreme reduction” in semiconductor output makes the acquisition server a difficult task, especially for a company whose needs are as high as those of Square Enix. And second, global travel restrictions have prevented the server infrastructure team from visiting data center locations and assessing their challenges, although this could be reduced by starting to vaccinate employees.

Yoshida added, “As a producer, it’s my responsibility to be able to predict the current arrival of new players.” The day before the start of the expansion should have been full of excitement, but instead they It has saddened all the players, and I am personally very sorry for that. We are aware of the burden we have placed on our player base, and are working hard to lighten it in the coming weeks and months. We will continue to take steps to address server congestion, and keep you updated with any and all developments in this area.

The next major The ultimate fantasy Extension, And walker, To be released on November 19. Added Content Ensure the arrival of new and returning players. As positive an experience as I have been with the community in my time Play And to cover Game, I don’t envy Square Enix’s positionExpected launch a bit.


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