Film review: “Belfast” by Kenneth Branagh tells an important history lesson

Like many people, when I saw the first trailer for Kenneth Branna’s latest historical drama, Belfast, remind me Rome (2018) but in a different place.

Fortunately, outside of the time period, black and white cinematography, and strong riot sequences, there really isn’t much in common with the two films.

The new Branagh movie has been surfing the festival circuit and critics circles for positive feedback, and now the general public can watch it this month.

Based on the filmmaker’s childhood in Belfast, and featuring songs mostly from Northern Irishman Van Morrison, we’re taking us back to a moment in history worthy of some viewing.

In late 1969, tensions rose in Belfast’s humble family communities. It has reached the point where the residents of the neighborhood have to hide and go to jail when Catholic and Protestant gangs take to the streets to riot and attack.

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