Ferlamb’s rule, Qanoon shaman until next

A man has been identified as Scott Kevin Ferpump, according to a United States district court complaint.

Source: United States District Court

A federal judge ruled Wednesday Former MMA fighter Scott Ferlamb From New Jersey to 41 months in prison for assaulting a police officer During the January 6 attack on Capito the United Statesl by the former president’s supporters Donald Trump.

Verlamb phrase It is the longest prison sentence to date for any of the hundreds of people. from the public Criminally charged in connection with the riotThis prevented the Congress from ratifying the Electoral College’s victory for the President of the Republic Joe Biden It left five dead.

But federal prosecutors said Tuesday night they wanted a longer prison sentence – 51 months – for the face of the January 6 riots, the so-called QAnon shaman Jacob Chansley.

tattooed chansley Who pleaded guilty in September to obstructing congressional proceedings, wearing face paint, a fur hat and carrying a spear as he wandered the Senate Chamber and other areas of the Capitol complex.

“His actions have infected the roots of our democracy,” the prosecutors wrote in their sentencing memorandum.

Chansley is due to be sentenced on November 17 in US District Court in Washington by the same judge, Royce Lamberth, who sentenced Ferlamb, a 44-year-old former gym owner who lives in Stockholm, New Jersey.

Jacob Chansley, aka Jake Angeli and Canon Shaman, speaks to passersby during the January 6, 2021 “Stop The Robbery” rally in Washington, DC.

Robert Nickelsberg | Getty Images

Ferlam’s brother, Preston Ferlam, is a US Secret Service agent who was previously tasked with protecting Michelle Obama, the former first lady. Reportedly attended Michelle Obama A 2012 memorial service for the father of the Fermp brothers.

Lamberth rejected Ferlam’s attorney’s request for a sentence of just 11 months, well short of the 41 to 51 months recommended by federal sentencing guidelines. Prosecutors had requested a 44-month prison sentence.

“It’s a crime so serious that I can’t give a verdict less than the ‘guiding principles,'” Lamberth said, according to NBC 4 in Washington.

Longest previous term for a defendant in the Capitol riots, Florida Paul Hodgkins Crane OperatedIt was eight months. Hodgkins was the first person to be convicted of a felony related to the invasion.

An online fundraiser set up by Fairlamb and his wife Andrea as of Wednesday has raised more than $31,000 to achieve the $100,000 goal.

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The box’s page contains a statement by Ferlamb who wrote, “On January 6th I traveled to Washington, D.C. for a ‘Stop Theft’ rally.”

“What I witnessed at the rally was a sea of ​​beloved America, the American flag waving as patriots gathered from all parts of our great nation to support our 45th President Donald Trump. The rallying of solidarity I have experienced in my life thus far.”

Ferlamb and many Trump supporters have embraced the false claim that Trump lost his re-election to Biden as a result of widespread voter fraud.

“The site states that the funds will be used for mortgage payments, medical insurance, attorneys’ fees and monthly bills,” the plaintiffs wrote in a sentencing recommendation note.

“Ferlamb should not ‘take advantage of’ his participation in the Capitol breach in this way,” prosecutors wrote.

Ferlamp pleaded guilty in August to assaulting a police officer and obstructing official proceedings.

When he was arrested in January, prosecutors in a criminal complaint detailed how video footage showed Ferlamp pushing and hitting a policeman on the west side of the Capitol complex.

A Facebook video sent to law enforcement by a “concerned citizen” showed Ferlamb at the Capitol holding a folding wand and saying, “What is the Patriot doing? The Capitol.”

Prosecutors wrote in the sentencing memorandum, “Two days of rioting, on January 8, Fermp filmed a frightening video threatening future violence, saying, ‘They pulled the pin on the grenade, and a power outage is coming. What a time to be a Patriot, and upon his visit by FBI agents on January 15, 2021, he said he would “once again” to the US Capitol.

Ferlam has been held without bond since his arrest. The months he has spent in prison since then will add to his prison term.


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