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Female kickboxer, 26, dies from a blow to the head in ‘Fast and Furious’ fight

The family of the kickboxer who died after being eliminated in a structured match today raised concerns in their inquiry that she was not a match for a “much bigger” opponent.

The family of the late amateur fighter Janie Morgan claimed that Slim’s opponent, Saida Alitha, was “visibly stronger” and “more powerful”.

Aletta, 26, fell into the bathroom after being hit in the head during the third round of her bout with 34-year-old ‘heavy’ personal trainer Ms Morgan at the show party.

She was taken to Southampton General Hospital, Hunts, but tragically passed away on November 16, 2019, the day after the Fast and Furious Fight Series competition in the city.

The Loughborough University graduate, who was born into a religious and educated family in Iran, wanted to prove to people that a “Muslim lady” could compete in extreme sports even if she was wearing a hijab.

The family of a product design engineer told TODAY of her ‘devastation’ being lost so far from home as her investigation opened in Winchester Coroner Court, Hunts.

Her two brothers, Amir and Ali, watched the hearing remotely and raised concerns about possible incompatibility.

They even asked Ms. Morgan to attend the investigation in person to “assess” her body – but coroner Christopher Wilkinson refused the request because it was “of little use” because the match was almost two years ago.

Saeda Alitha, 26, died in November 2019, after fighting at Southampton Central Hall

She fought her opponent Janie Morgan in the match and worked as a personal trainer

She fought her opponent Janie Morgan in the match and worked as a personal trainer

The organizer of the fight, Richard Harding, who arrived to investigate today at Winchester

Fighting organizer, Richard Harding arrives for questioning today in Winchester

She was taken to Southampton General Hospital, Hunts, but tragically died the next day

She was taken to Southampton General Hospital, Hunts, but tragically died the next day

Ms Alita’s family said in a statement: ‘In her chosen sport, Saeeda has always sent her photo with her opponent before every match.

However, we have noticed that in her last match she had cut out her opponent’s photo and only sent her own photo.

We now think that if she had shared a photo of her opponent, Amir would have definitely commented on their physical differences and the fact that her opponent looked bigger and more powerful.

“The night before the match, she mentioned to her sister, Sibideh, that she was nervous but she never mentioned why.”

Organizer Richard Harding, who runs a Thai boxing school, rejects any suggestions of incompatibility.

He said Ms. Alitha was more experienced than Morgan on paper, had four years of experience, two wins and one loss in Muay Thai, and weighed 54kg.

Alita was a “movement-based” fighter who used speed in her fights and also had previous experience in a form of karate that Mr. Harding described as “the most difficult”.

Ms. Morgan, a personal trainer who started learning martial arts at the age of 30, also has four years of combat experience.

The lady won it after one previous fight during a previous competition

The lady won it after a previous fight she had fought during a previous competition

The organizer claimed today that Mrs. Alitha was more experienced than Mrs. Morgan

The organizer claimed today that Ms. Alitha was more experienced than Ms. Morgan ‘on paper’.

Saeeda always sends her photo with her opponent before every match she plays

Saeeda always sends her photo with her opponent before every match she plays

Mr. Harding said she had one win and one loss and came at the same weight.

Morgan has been described as one of the hardest blows that relied on power and sought to “hit the lady at her very hard”.

Harding told interrogation that Aletta was “less thin,” and said of Ms Morgan: “She’s wider, and she has wider shoulders.

You can see the muscles clearly.

Saida’s range was a little longer.

Prince Al-Ataha questioned Mr. Harding about Morgan’s physique, citing a promotional photo in which he said the proposal showed a mismatch.

He said, ‘From what we saw and what the people who saw the fight said, this is very clear. [Ms Morgan] Much stronger.

The physical structure cannot change for a week or two even if she is losing weight [to meet the 54kg category].

“If you show the picture to anyone, they’ll say the other opponent is a lot bigger and has a much bigger frame.”

But Mr. Harding said: “It’s what you can tell she’s too heavy … Saida’s body weight was more distributed over her body.”

He said his events, which he’s been running for a decade, adhered to strict safety guidelines and started the matchmaking process four months before the event.

He said: ‘I am convinced that they are equal.

“There was no mismatch in this and we managed the risks before the fight.”

He added, “Our gym is a family gym, and losing someone like this is hard for everyone.

“We set it up to give a spectacle and that’s the worst thing that could happen but I’m pretty sure we did everything we could.”

Harding admitted that he did not know the patterns Alita had encountered before, revealing that Morgan had requested that the leg pads be removed in order to fight, which Alita had accepted.

Amir Al-Ataha questioned why Mr. Harding would allow the fight to proceed without leg pads and the organizer explained that it was a common request as fighters sought to repeat their professional bouts.

He said that there were two paramedics at the event with a private ambulance and that another ambulance was called when the lady Aliyah was found in critical condition.

The fight between Alita and Morgan was “close,” with Morgan outselling her on points before the knockout. Wilkinson, the coroner, described it as “extreme” and said both were “tired”.

Her family described Alitaha, from Salisbury, Wilts, as “friendly and full of energy”.

They said: “Even since childhood, she has always been devoted to everything she does and always strives for success, setting 110% of her goals.

This characteristic led to her being successful in both her studies and work, and because a good education and international life experience were important to her family, she tried and was able to gain admission to a prestigious UK university.

She was a self-confident yet humble, passionate yet stable person, friendly, open-minded, and full of energy who could win everyone’s heart.

This was the reason why she was able to make so many different friends.

She wanted to prove to people that the “Muslim lady” is not constrained and can work in a respectable company and play hard sports even if she wears a hijab and does not dispose of her body and hair to strangers.

We were surprised by the number of people in the UK who told us it had impacted their lives, careers and way of thinking.

Saida had a large network of friends from different cultures and classes. As her friends described it, it was a breath of fresh air that brought sunshine amongst everyone.

She was greatly missed by dozens of her friends from high school, college, work, fitness, and clubs.

Her dedication to her work, sports, physical health, physical and mental fitness was something that everyone admired.

“It is so devastating that her family lost her alone and away in such an unpleasant incident.”

The investigation is ongoing.